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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Little Oak Stool

I have this little oak stool.
It seems to go with me wherever I move.
I acquired it when I lived in the house I raised my boys.
I had a custom kitchen done, as one of the upgrades, to that old historic home.
The cabinet builder made me the little oak stool, so I could reach the top cabinets.
The ceilings, in that home, were 9 feet tall and the cabinets were all the way to the ceiling.

When I moved to the ranch, the little oak stool moved with me.
At some point one of the legs, on the little oak stool, broke.
I couldn't part with that little stool, so I placed it and it's broken leg in the storage building.

Along came the HOUSE FIRE!
And we all forgot about things for a while.
Towards the end of the school year, last spring,
Drewman was looking for a quick wood shop project.
I remembered, I had the little oak stool still in the storage building.
It would be a perfect fast project!
Drewman took the little oak stool to wood shop.
He took it apart, sanded the finish off, replaced the broken leg, put it back together and brought it home.
There was still work to be done on the little oak stool, but the school year had ended.

The pegs needed to be cut down.

And sanded smooth.

Stain needed to be applied.
I applied the same stain used on our kitchen cabinets.
The painters left us the extra stain.
After the second coat dried,
I realized, I used a can they had mixed both stain and varnish.
That just saved me a step!

Today, the little oak stool has a new place in our kitchen.
Vowing, never to move to another address again!
I am sure the little oak stool moved with me for a reason.
I don't question why.
I am happy to have it with me and glad it made a beautiful transition from old to new.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 6 ~ Ailey Mae's Puppies

Lots of changes this week with the boys.
First, we want to show you their 6 week pictures!

Rollie Pollie
He was the first born.
 He is going to be the size of his momma.

Number 2 is Unsociable.
He likes to be alone and off by himself.
Flower Boy is working on getting him to play more with the others.
 He is going to be long haired or double coated.

This is Big Boy!
He is number 3 in birth order.
 This guy will be EXTRA LARGE like his daddy.

Ailey Mae has stopped taking the time to feed the boys.
She doesn't stop for them to nurse.
They chase her and suck on the go, as she is walking away from them.

They are eating a can of puppy food each morning and each evening.
We also catch them getting into Princess Sheba's food!
These kids are completely weaned from their momma.

The boys love it outside.
They lay on the porch like the big dogs.
Mostly, wrapped around the water bowl to keep cool.
When we arrive home from work, they all go outside for the evening.
In the mornings, after they have eaten, they go outside to do their business.
Potty training is going very well.
Last week we told you, they started climbing out of the kiddie pool.
Therefore, we removed it from our room.
The kiddie pool has been replaced with this.

I'm sure the boys think it is another form of doggie jail.
They don't seem to mind being in the kennel.
Princess Sheba is glad to have the baby gates removed from the door way.
Actually, most veterinarians recommend crate or kennel training.
A very wise friend of mine told me, when I got my first German Shepherd, Maximus,
"A kennel keeps them safe and out of trouble.  He will like it.  It will become his safe haven."
Both, Ailey Mae and Princess Sheba are kennel trained.
You say "Kennel" and Princess Sheba is in it!
You say "Pen" and Miss Ailey Mae is in hers!
We can say those words in their presence and they go to their crate.

The boys have their first vet check this week.
That means SHOTS!

We have placed several ads to place these boys in new homes.
We won't allow them to go into new homes until they are 10 weeks old.
The puppies will be AKC registered, vet checked, 2 rounds of shots, wormed, completely weaned, potty training started and crate/kennel trained.
We are looking into having them microchipped.

If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in one of these boys, contact us.
We would be happy to discuss the purchase with you.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Auction Finds

We spent our Saturday at an auction, with this girl, her family and some other friends.
LOVE these kids and their babies!
T is an auctioneer.
This wasn't his auction we went to on Saturday.
We wish it had been!
The auction took ALL DAY!
T would have had it finished by mid afternoon...

We purchased several items and bid on a few other items.
We think we brought home some pretty darn good stuff.

Do you want to see what we bought?


The Big Kids stopped by the auction and looked at these.
They were excited to receive the text,
"Bought you some crocks."

You don't realize all the things you lose in a HOUSE FIRE, until you go to an auction.
So many things we could have purchased, from household items to tools.
Flower Boy bought a cordless drill.
Checking one more thing off his list of tools needing replaced.
Auctions seem to be the place to pick up tools, at a good price.
The drill was new!
It doesn't appear to have ever been charged.

When I saw this statue, I HAD to have it!
Flower Boy had no choice in the matter.
He will tell you, I was standing behind him bidding away.
He had the bidder number in his pocket.
 I have big plans for this guy!
(The statute and Drewman!
The statute will be a work in progress...
Drewman is well on his way!)

This purchase was all Flower Boy!
 He has plans of his own for this milk can!
It is already in the works!
It is going to be pretty ranchey!

This bench is going to go at the foot of our bed, when complete.
We have a rocking chair that was saved from the fire.
The two pieces go together really well!
Both need to be reupholstered.
Anyone know of a good upholsterer?
Wanna guess what will go on them?

All in all, we thought we found some superb auction finds.
Keep an eye out for future blog posts involving these great finds.

Crafty Rancher Girl

Friday, July 26, 2013

BULLS!!! Boys Will Be Boys

Let me set the scene...
This week has been a long week for Flower Boy, Drewman and myself.

Flower Boy has been working on a project, at work.
This project has him working 12 hour days.
Not to mention, he has a 45 minute commute to and from work.

Drewman has a normal busy teenage life and a full time job.
He normally comes home from work, does his chores and is off to an evening activity.

My week has been nuts at work.
It is the time of year when we close out one fiscal year and begin another.
Not to mention, I am a Grant Specialist and have had several submissions this week.
Deadlines... DeadLines... DEADLINES...

Drewman and I arrive home Wednesday evening, from work.
Drewman rushes to complete his chores, then heads out the door for youth.
I do some laundry, sweep the floors and attempt to relax.
Flower Boy walks in the door around 9.
The phone rings at 9:20.
"Hey, your cattle are in the neighbors pasture.  The bulls are fighting."
I had just gotten out of a long soaking bath!

I send a text off to Drewman.
"Someone called and said we have cattle out. We may not be here when you get home. My phone is on charge."
Flower Boy and I head out the door.

We pull into the pasture, where the cows are located.
Guess what?
ALL the cows and the bull were standing at the gate!
They hear the feed truck and are waiting for their "cake".
Cattle don't care what time it is.
Flower Boy makes a count by headlight and spotlight.
It appears one calf is missing.

We drive the fence.
Sure enough!
The fence has been broken!
The top four wires!
Most fences are 5 or 6 wire fences.
With the four wires down the cattle were able to step right over, into the next pasture.

The neighbor had made a temporary repair, using bailing wire.
In the farming and ranching world, bailing wire and duct tape are essentials!

Flower Boy sured up the repair, making sure it would hold throughout the night and day.

Last evening, we returned to make a more permanent repair.
Check out that beautiful blue sky in the background!

We make another count of the cattle.
ALL cows, babies and the bull are accounted for.

The neighbors bull is big, ugly and mean!
 He stands at the fence line, bellering, growling and pawing the ground.
All the while, pushing on the fence!
He had pushed so much, he stretched the fence wire to the point of snapping.
Remember us telling you in "Posts! Corners and Tees" how all the tees should line up with the corners
As you look down the fence line, you shouldn't be able to see the tees?
What is wrong with the above photo?

Our little boy, Cletus, doesn't stand a chance with the neighbors big guy!
We thought!
 It appears he has stood his own, because he isn't beat up.
Good Job, Cletus!
Way to represent and stand your ground!
Go Rockin B Ranch!

Why do bulls fight?
Flower Boy's answer...
"They fight just like any other male species.
They are trying to establish dominance, especially when the cows are in season.
The heat cycle of the cow may play a role in it some.
Mainly it's dominance and territory."

We have two of our girls that have summer born babies.
Therefore they aren't bred like the others.
Most likely, the neighbors bull has all his girls bred and is fighting for our two girls that are not bred.

My response...
Boys Will Be Boys!

Tired Rancher Girl

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Country Questions

There have been times when Flower Boy has commented on the amount of explanation I provide in this blog.
I have to remind him that our audience is not all in the know of ranching.
He then agrees with my explanations.

This being said...
I am often asked country questions from others.

Today, I received an email with several questions.
The sender shall remain anonymous.
I will answer them here.

Why don't you drive a truck?
I drive a Nissan Rogue to and from work each day.
At the time I purchased the Rogue, My Daddy was ill and I was on the road a lot.
The fuel mileage on the Rogue was much better than that of my truck.
The Rogue is all wheel drive and operates well on the county roads.
The Rogue is not driven evenings or weekends.
It is only a commuter vehicle.
However, Flower Boy drives a truck to work each day.
His commute is 40 miles, where mine is only 20.

Another reason I don't drive a truck...
Flower Boy drives most of the time.
I'm spoiled like that!

Why don't you plant a garden?
I would love to plant a garden!
I don't have the time.
I've told you before about My Daddy's gardens.
Time in Daddy's garden is some of the best memories I have with him.
Also, we would have to use rural water to water our garden.
Rural water is costly!

I do hope one day to have a beautiful garden with lots of veggies and flowers.

Why do my dogs have cuccaburra's when they never have before?
Probably because the seeds of the cuccaburra have laid dormant due to the drought.
With all the rain we have had this year, they are sprouting up everywhere.
It could be that your dogs have ventured to some place they have never been before, too.

What was the website for the chickens?
Drewman bought his baby chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery.
For laying hens, he searches Craigslist for local folks selling. 
There is also an auction each Saturday in our area.
Drewman sells his roosters and older hens there, as well.

Do we really need a fence for the whole property?
No, unless you plan to have livestock on the property.
If you just plan to use the property as a hay meadow, no fence is needed.
If you are using the area to keep your dogs in the property, it might be best to invest in a barrier fence.
Our dogs are on one and they have 10 acres to be able to run.
The barrier keeps them out of the creeks and areas they could get into trouble.
It also keeps them out of areas that have caccuaburra's.

Why do I have weird things, I am pretty sure I didn't plant, growing in my garden?
This could be drought related too.
Some seeds can lay dormant for up to 7 years.
Birds, critters and even the dogs can carry seeds in from other locations.
Try some of the weed and feed products available on the market.
That might help.

Can you tell I am bored and frustrated today?
No, not really.
We all have our days.
Head up!
Shoulders back!
Keep your face to the sun!

Rancher Girl

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week 5 ~ Ailey Mae's Puppies

The boys have out grown the kiddie pool.
Actually, they don't stay in it anymore.
We put it away.

They live under our bed now.

Yesterday was Ailey Mae's first day to stay outside all day.
Therefore, it was also the first day for the puppies to be alone without momma.
We didn't worry because Ailey Mae isn't allowing the boys to nurse much.
They are eating and drinking on their own.
They eat A LOT!

Princess Sheba has started playing with the boys.
She is really nice and plays very soft with them, despite the way this photo looks.
The largest puppy of the bunch, Big Boy, is as big as Princess Sheba!
They are really growing.

The boys like being outside too.

If any of you know Onyx, you will know this next photo is his son!
For those of you that don't know Onyx, let us say, Onyx loves water bottles!
They are his favorite toy.

The boys have also found the paver brick flooring to be a cool place to hang out.
Even though we thought all the puppies were spoken for, it turns out we have two for sale.
Today, we have placed the first ad looking for new home for these boys.

Monday, July 22, 2013

BLINDed By the Light

First off, let us say...
You all get cranky when we don't blog!

Last week, while Drewman was off playing in the sand at Fun In The SON.
That's Drewman in the orange shirt.
Flower Boy and I were busy with all sorts of projects.
Therefore, we have several blogs in the cue
We were a little too busy for blogging.

We are sorry.
Please, forgive us?

Friday, we had these packages waiting on us, when we arrived home.

We had ordered blinds the week before.
They were on sale for over 50% off!

Flower Boy went right to work putting them up, in our room.

Don't they look nice?
It was very important our bedroom blinds went up first.
Flower Boy knows I need my rest and don't like to be woken up at the crack of dawn on weekends.

We can see Onyx but he can't see us!

Saturday morning, Flower Boy installed the remainder of the blinds.
The sun was so bright on the east end of the house,
Flower Boy had to wear his sunglasses!
The rooms, on that end of the house, are much cooler now!
And darker!

Drewman got home on Saturday from church camp.
We all slept late on Sunday.
No longer are we BLINDed by the light!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cookin With Gas

Remember the post "Ready To Cook"?
Truth be told, I have not really been able to fully cook in my new kitchen.

This blessing had to be moved in order to set the propane tank, for my stove.

Don't get me wrong.
I have been cooking.
It is grillin season, ya know!
Plus, the microwave, crockpot, toaster oven and electric skillet worked too.
I just haven't been cooking the way I wanted to be cooking.

Yesterday, all that changed!
The propane take arrived!

Flower Boy was home to make sure the tank was set correctly and in the proper place.
He lives with me and knows none to well my OCD.
He does all he can to give me what I want.
Measured to the exact distance, the tank was lowered into place.
The tank is even centered over the trench.

Note:  Flower Boy also took the above photos.
When I arrived home, in all my excitement,
I failed to complete the photo session of the propane tank.
The tank is set and it looks great!

The trench has been covered.
I failed to get photos of that too...

The line has been plumbed into the house.
Yep, no photo...
I'm slipping!


We treated ourselves to Red Lobster, last evening, to celebrate.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 4 ~ Ailey Mae's Puppies

So much changes with these little guys in one weeks time!

The kiddie pool is full when Ailey Mae is in with them!
The puppies sleep in the same positions, with their mommy, they have since birth.
This is the only way we can tell the puppies apart.
They are now very close to the same size and marked exactly the same.
Big difference, from their birth photo, 4 weeks ago.
Don't you think?

They now climb in and out of the pool, at will!
Mostly playing and sleeping under our bed.

Ailey Mae is using our closet as a safe haven, to gain some peace and quiet.
At least as of this morning!
The puppies may find her hiding spot by noon!
They are little explorers.

We are still thankful for Doggie Jail!
Those puppies follow us everywhere, when we get home!

The boys are all eating puppy food very well.
They eat 1/3 of a can each morning and each evening.

They are due for their first vet check.
This post reminds me to make their appointment.

A wee bit of protection/aggression training started this week too!
No folks....
The growling you hear in this video is not Flower Boy.
Our intent is not to make the puppies mean or aggressive.
Remember, they are German Shepherd puppies.
They are instinctively protectors.
We want the puppies to do their job, like their mommy and daddy do theirs.
Ailey Mae and Onyx are great protectors, fetchers, companions and best friends.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Watchin the Clouds Roll By

It's been raining here since yesterday.
It has been a nice soothing rain.
We are having a really strange weather pattern.
The weather fronts are moving from the east to the west.
I'm not sure what all that means but the weather people are all the buzz about it.
So is Flower Boy.

The temperatures are really nice too.
It is 73 degrees, in the middle of the afternoon!

For July, you won't hear us complain.
I bet you don't hear a single rancher or farmer complain.

Yesterday, we got almost one and a half inches of rain, in the rain gauge.
True Story...
I empty the rain gauge,
Walk to Flower Boy,
"What is the mark just below a half inch?"
His response,
"Ok, we had 1 and 4/10 inch of rain, in the rain gauge."

I am a Rancher Girl that doesn't know how to read a rain gauge.
I am also an Accountant.
Accountants work by rounding.
I would have said, "We got an inch and a half of rain."
Good thing I asked first.

With all this rain and cool temperatures, we find it only fitting to post some photos we have taken on some of our dates.

This one was taken a last week, while we were in the pasture checking on our new baby.

 These next two were pulled off my cell phone.
They were taken within the past 3 years.

I remember these next two like it was last night!
 We were at the pens on my Daddy's farm.
Just laying on the bed of the feed truck.
Watching the clouds.

This one was after a heavy rain looking east off the deck of the house that burned.

This one was taken from our dock.

These last ones were taken last evening, from our front porch.

If you and yours don't have date nights like this,
Take some time!
Watchin the Clouds Roll By

I figured out the rain gauge readings.
5/10 is 1/2!
4/10 is just under a 1/2!
Accountants reduce to the lowest number too.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Born Babies? We Do That!!!!

In June, we posted "We Had a New Baby".

Same story!
Different Month!

Tuesday morning, I drove past the pasture, with the cows, and sent Flower Boy a text.
"Dona had a baby"

Sure enough!
We named the momma Dona because....
She is exactly like a Dona we know.
She has to always know what everyone is doing.
She is in everyone's business.
She attempts to control the herd.
She thinks she is the leader, when she is really the follower.
So many similarities of the human form we know.
(Don't worry, the human Dona will never read this.)

We love the markings on this baby!
 Check out the freckles on her nose and face!
And the white tip on her tail!
She is tiny!
Looks like we will have a calf to mate up with the June baby after all!
Summer Born Babies?
Who does that?
We Do That!!!!
Even if it was rancher error...
It just happens!