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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week 2 ~ Ailey Mae's Puppies

The puppies are two weeks old today!

Number One is still the rollie pollie of the bunch!
He looks like a little pot belly pig.

Number Two is still long and skinny.
He is becoming a bit more social with the other two.
Typical middle child!
I can relate, Number Two.

Number Three is still a MONSTER!
Grows thicker everyday!
He is heavy!

The cream on their face and legs is becoming much more defined. 
All the boys are starting to open their eyes.
They are all but walking on all four legs.
They know what momma smells like!

Ailey Mae leaves them more and more.
She has started sleeping outside the kiddie pool.
She only gets in the pool to feed the boys.

This being said....

Every morning when Drewman and I leave for work,
THESE go up!
It's Doggie Jail!
Ailey Mae, Princess Sheba and all three of the puppies are confined to the mud room and our bedroom.
I defy anyone attempting to get into the house.
Ailey Mae will eat you alive!

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