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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Texture Tuesday - Bird Holes?

This past weekend, Flower Boy and I did some cleaning of scrub brush.
This has to be done periodically in order to keep fence lines clear.
In this particular spot, we were clearing because we need to complete the entry.
The entry has been a work in progress, on the north end of our property, since before the house fire.
There has been no rush to complete the project.
There is fence that goes across this area, so the animals can't get out to the road.
 The kids are all coming home for Thanksgiving.
The boys always want to do manly work, when they are home.
Flower Boy will put Drewman on the welder, while The Big Boy will be cutting trees and burning brush piles.
 This should make everyone happy, keep up their heart rate and make them all feel good.

While I was transporting brush to the brush pile,
I came across a fallen tree with interesting holes.

This one is clearly a hole made by a bird.
Maybe a woodpecker?
It seems like a rather large hole for a woodpecker, but I am no Ornithologist or Avian Specialist.
 In the same section of log, there were other natural holes.
One on top
 and one on the side.
 I questioned throwing this section of log into the brush pile for burning.
I may have to go get it.
I placed it on the top of the pile, if I decided to retrieve it.

What do you think?
What could be made or done with this?


Happy Tuesday!

Rancher Girl

Friday, November 21, 2014

As Iron Sharpens Iron

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. (NLT) -Proverbs 27:17

This verse was sent to me by a dear friend, this morning.
It has really stuck with me today, confirmed a feeling I have, and provided me with an aha moment.

Last evening, craft night was held at the ranch.
Craft night is something myself and a few girl friends have wanted to do for some time.
We haven't had the time in the past.
Now that the daylight hours have gotten shorter, it has provided us country girls more time indoors during the evening.
There is only so much one can do via flashlight, spotlight and headlight after dark.
 This is a perfect time to start craft night!

Now, none of us want to spend hundreds of dollars on crafts, so we pick something that will use items we might have on hand.
Everyone brings items and we put it all together into something fun and ranchey looking.

We started with burlap, bells,
beads, jute and acorns.

We took our time talking, sharing and brain storming.
Honestly, we had no plan!
 We threw it all in a jar and the ideas started flowing!

Glue the bells to the acorn husks.

Have one of the hubbies turn a couple of wire hangers into a wreath frame.
We could have purchased the frame, but why?

Take the burlap and braid it onto the wire frame.
Make a few burlap flowers.
Tie some jute to the top of one of the larger bells.
Grab a few of the acorn husk bells.
Glue it all together.

I can't wait to hang this on our door!
I also can't wait to host another craft night!


Here's the deal...
God created us to be relational, not isolated. For some of us, our stubbornness or hubris can hurt us by making decisions in our own little world. But receiving Godly advice from a mentor could change the course of your life. Who is your mentor? If you don't know, actively take steps to seek someone out.

 I am so blessed by amazing friends!
They push me outside of my comfort zone and provide me with support I didn't realize I needed.
I love them like sisters and daughters.
These ladies are blessings from God.

Your mentor doesn't always have to be older than you.
Some can be younger and wiser.
They offer advise and give a different point of view.
A mentor will always respect your thoughts, be a listener, help provide solutions and see opportunities.
You will forever be under their protection and in their prayers.
Having a mentor will allow you to scale heights you never thought possible.

If you don't have a mentor,
Getcha one!

If you don't have a group of friends to call your sisters,
Getcha some!

It is a life changing experience!

Rancher Girl

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Who is Rockin' B Ranch?

Rancher Girl

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Moo Cow Monday on Tuesday

Saturday was Sale Day!

Trucks and trailers were readied on Friday night.

Early Saturday morning, the spring born calves were called up
and penned.

Somehow we always chose the coldest day of the year to sell cattle.

Trailers were loaded.

Drewman drove one truck and trailer, while Flower Boy drove the other.
I got to enjoy the ride.

The Big Kids stayed, to watch the ranch, while we were off to the sale.

It's always a good day when the buyer seeks you out and tells you "That was a good set of cattle you all sold.  Your doing it right."
Flower Boy and Drewman beamed with pride!
 I know My Daddy was doing the same in heaven.

Sale Day was a great day!
We were blessed with good cattle prices.

Again, we could not have done this without the Grace of God and our kids.
The kids are always there when we need them.
They are willing to give up their personal time for our success and the betterment of Rockin' B Ranch.

Thank You kids for all you do!

Rancher Girl

Monday, November 17, 2014


Over the past week, you have seen us use #Thankful4Ag in many social media posts.
Last week, we even gave you a sneak peek of what we were doing.

#Thankful4Ag is a social initiative that will help provide up to 200,000 meals to Americans struggling with hunger this holiday season.

We were contacted by Bayer CropScience to create a digital meal, or at least a dish.

#Thankful4Ag invites people to visit and create a “digital meal” showcasing three of their favorite classic holiday foods.

The wheels were turning!
I contacted a good friend and fellow blogger, Okie Girl at The Twisted Pro.
This girl is an amazing artist and photographer.
I could not have done this project without her help.
She designed the video!

A recipe was chosen.

We wanted to create something with locally grown products.
Okie Girl has a pear tree growing in her back yard!
We also put a little Oklahoma spin on our recipe.
"A recipe isn't a set of rules, it's a set of guidelines." ~ Okie Girl

Ingredients were purchased.

Saturday evening, while the guys were watching the OSU ball game, Okie Girl and I got to work.
So much work that we peaked the guy's interest.
It was a wonderful night, at the ranch, with great friends.

Now for the video...
#Thankful4Ag and for great friends!

 How can you help? Create and share a digital meal at and share via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or your favorite social media channel using the #Thankful4Ag hashtag.

For every meal created, or #Thankful4Ag hashtag used, from November 10-December 19, Bayer will donate $1, up to $20,000 to Feeding America. $1=10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of member food banks.

We encourage you, to do your part, to stop hunger this holiday season.

Thank you, Bayer CropScience for this opportunity.
Rancher Girl

Friday, November 14, 2014

Redneck Story of the Week

It's been a while since we have posted a Redneck Story.

Have you ever had a tab come off a can, then you can't get the can open?

THAT is exactly what happened to me!

As you know, most days, I bring my lunch to work.
I hate spending money and eating all the food I shouldn't be eating.
Plus, it is cold here and I don't like to get out in the cold, unless it is to do chores and look at cattle.

Back to the Redneck Story....

Picture this...
In my lunch bag was a can of soup, a few crackers and cheese slices, and a cup of fruit.

Lunchtime hits, I start blogging and decide "I should warm up my soup, whilst I blog".
I get the soup can out of my lunch bag.
The soup can is the kind with a tab.
I pull the tab and it comes off the can of soup!

How does this happen?!?!

No worries, I am a Rancher Girl!
I have the required tools to open my soup.
Required tools...
AND a blinged out pocket knife.

Something you might not know about Rancher/Farm/Country Girls...
We all have pocket knifes!
They may not be in our pocket, but they darn sure are in our purses!
Yes, they are pink or some other girly color and they have bling on them!

I also have the pliers is my desk drawer.
The flat head screwdriver...
I knew exactly where that was too!

I think I am the only person on my floor, at work, that actually knows how to use tools.

No worries....
Soup can opened!!!

Just another reason I am #Thankful4Ag!
Without being raised a Rancher Girl and knowing how to use said tools,
I may have gone hungry!

Speaking of hunger...
Did you know Bayer CropScience is Feeding America?
Bayer CropScience is providing 10 meals to Feeding America, up to 200K meals, every time you use #Thankful4Ag or share a digital meal on

Do your part to help Feeding America!
We are!

Rancher Girl

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Today, while driving into work, I had the most unpleasant conversation I have had in a very long time!
The conversation wasn't with my most favorite person.
Actually, it was with a person I loathe the most!

Here I sit, spider webbing and preparing to blog and all I can think about is that conversation.

I tell myself
"You can't let that person win!"
"You can not allow them control over you!"
"You have to shake it and move forward!"

I have no plans to go into detail, about the who, what or why, of the conversation.
You all really don't want to get as upset as I did.
Nor does it matter.

What I will do is flip this to a positive!
By doing so, my day will be better and this blog post won't be a downer.

Have you ever worked side by side, alone, with another person?
How did that time, with that person, make you feel?
Some of my best conversations have been alone time with My Daddy, Flower Boy, My Kids, or My Friends.
Working side by side, just me joining them, while they work.
Some of the best memories too!

We work, talk and solve life's problems.
It always opens my mind and my heart.

I think this is why chore time is the best time of day for me.
Flower Boy and I alone, in the vehicle, driving, feeding, talking and sharing.
He tells of his day.
I tell of mine.
We see a hawk, a deer, a new baby calf...

Those conversations change everything!
Our mindset!
Our demeanor!
Our outlook!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending all afternoon with Drewman.
Although, it was a very stressful afternoon of clinicals and doctor visits, it was one on one time with My Boy!
It was a time to treasure.
Time to listen to his point of view.
Time to hear his laugh and see his smile.

No worries!
Drewman is fine!
He just had his regular heart checkup.
He is now clear to run, lift weights and play intermural sports.
He gets to be a normal college student!

All this being written...
Cherish the conversations that matter most!
Those that open your mind and heart.
Those that speak to your soul.

The rest....
Just let go!
They don't matter.

Don't let evil win!

Have a great Thursday!

Rancher Girl

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ Bella Meets Jack Black