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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank You Veterans, Past and Present

Veterans Day!
It is a day to honor people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.
Flower Boy and his crew

Did you know that the United States Government declared that the attributive (no apostrophe), rather than the possessive case, be the official spelling of Veterans Day?

The things you learn...

My Grandma B use to call this day Remembrance Day.
She never liked the word veteran, even though Grandpa B was one.
There are parades, banquets, programs and services happening all over this great Nation, today, in honor of those who have served.
 We even had one at work.
This was inside our program.
Remember our Veterans, Past and Present
 "It is, in a way, an odd thing to honor those who have died in defense of our country in wars far away.
The imagination plays a trick.
We see these soldiers in our mind as old and wise.
We see them as something like the founding fathers, grave and gray-haired.
But most of them were boys when they died.
They gave up two lives;
The one they were living and the one they would have lived.
When they died, they gave up their chance to be husbands and fathers and grandfathers.
They gave up their chance to be revered old men.
They gave up everything for their country, for us.
All we can do is remember."
President Ronald Reagan
Arlington National Cemetery, Nov 11, 1985
Flower Boy and Crew
When I read that statement above, I can't help but think of all Flower Boy and his guys gave up while taking their tours.
My heart hurts to reflect on what they endured!

I had the honor and privilege of being escorted, by Flower Boy, to a retirement party for one of his fellow Staff Sergeants a few weeks ago.
There were several Platoon and Squad members present.
These guys are like brothers.
Flower Boy hadn't seen several of the guys in years.
There were stories told and the biggest hugs given.
The comradery among these men was touching.
Their relationships are not like relationships I have ever had.
But then again,
I have never spent months in combat and had to rely on others like they have had too.
There is a faith, trust and honor among them.
You can see it in them when they look and speak to each other.
The dedication to their brother is as strong, today, as it was when they were in the desert.
Each one of them gave up so much, just like President Ronald Reagan states.
Each has lost something.
Whether it be a fellow solider, a relationship, or their youth.
The sacrifices they have given will never be returned to them.

To me, their largest sacrifice is time!
Time away from all things civilized!
Time to themselves!
Time from sleep!
Time with their families!
Time away from their goals, hopes and dreams!
Time to be free!

Consider what they have given up, so we could have what we have.
Would you have done that?

Thank You Veterans, Past and Present
As for me,
I plan to go home, cook my Veteran a meal and have a quiet evening by the fire!

Rancher Girl

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