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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Texture Tuesday - Bird Holes?

This past weekend, Flower Boy and I did some cleaning of scrub brush.
This has to be done periodically in order to keep fence lines clear.
In this particular spot, we were clearing because we need to complete the entry.
The entry has been a work in progress, on the north end of our property, since before the house fire.
There has been no rush to complete the project.
There is fence that goes across this area, so the animals can't get out to the road.
 The kids are all coming home for Thanksgiving.
The boys always want to do manly work, when they are home.
Flower Boy will put Drewman on the welder, while The Big Boy will be cutting trees and burning brush piles.
 This should make everyone happy, keep up their heart rate and make them all feel good.

While I was transporting brush to the brush pile,
I came across a fallen tree with interesting holes.

This one is clearly a hole made by a bird.
Maybe a woodpecker?
It seems like a rather large hole for a woodpecker, but I am no Ornithologist or Avian Specialist.
 In the same section of log, there were other natural holes.
One on top
 and one on the side.
 I questioned throwing this section of log into the brush pile for burning.
I may have to go get it.
I placed it on the top of the pile, if I decided to retrieve it.

What do you think?
What could be made or done with this?


Happy Tuesday!

Rancher Girl

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