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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Texture Tuesday - Glass Blowing

Last Tuesday was That Special Aunt's Birthday!
Amazing Cake!!

For her birthday, six of us took a glass blowing class.
 Gather the glass on the rod.
 Flatten the first gather on the table.
 After the second gather, dip the molten glass into the first color glass.
The first color will be your base color.
 Move along to the second color.
Tilt the rod up and push the molten glass into the color as you turn.
This color will be your highlight.
 So many colors to choose from!
 Fire the colors into the molten glass.
Take a deep breath and blow.
It is much harder than you think.
 Just a little bit more.
Our completed products

Aren't they beautiful!?!
It was a perfect day!

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