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Monday, February 22, 2016

Moo Cow Monday - Number 3 Cow

Graphic Photo

We had to get in one of our favorite cows.
 Number 3 is the first cow to the truck!
She is normally the one to stick her head in the window to say HI!

She had to be penned because she had a hurt foot.
She knocked it or scraped it on something, and possibly got a splinter.
 We noticed a bit of oozing from her pastern and thought it best to get her into the chute to take a closer look.
The injury didn't appear to be a major issue.

Flower Boy squeezed the gunk out of the wound.
The wound was like a pimple.
Once popped, the swelling was down and she was back to normal.
 Iodine was applied to the affected area.
She was also given a shot of antibiotics, to prevent further infection.

The cow never appeared to be injured or in pain.
    She never walked with a limp or favored the foot in anyway.
Our thought was to leave her in the pen for observation and return her to pasture the next day.

The next day, SHE WAS GONE!
She had broken out of the pen!
She actually broke through the cables of the pen.
This is not the photo of the break out area, but it is very close to what it looks like.

The hunt was on!
We searched the roads.
There was no sign of her.
We searched the creek.
There was no sign of her.
We talked to neighbors.
There was no sign of her.
We sent out messaged to surrounding cattle owners.
There was no sign of her.

The next morning, Flower Boy saddled Charlie Horse.
There was only one place she could have gone.
She had to be in the pasture south of the house.
You know...

The cows are due to start calving, February 26th.
It was possible that the stress of gathering her, penning her, placing her in the chute, and doctoring her foot, she could calve early.
Since cows like to hide when they give birth, the pasture south of the house was a likely hiding spot for her.

After a long hard ride, in extreme south winds, there was still no sign of number 3 cow!

Flower Boy did find a few tracks but nothing that assured us she was there.

The next morning, the girls and I made a 2.54 mile hike into and around the pasture!
We happened upon fresh tracks!
But still no sight of number 3!

Later that evening, when the wind died down, we entered the south side of the mile section, onto another property owner.
With their permission, we drove the property line and honked the horn.
Normally, if any of the cows hear the feed truck horn and the sound of the truck, they come running.
After about an hour of honking, more walking, and driving the property line, still no sign of number 3 cow!

We went on to do the other chores, with the thought that on our way back to the house, we would stop in another neighbors pasture and try honking at the west fence line.

I place a text to Cathy, the other property owner...
"Hey there!  Is it possible for us to go into your pasture and attempt to call up the cow?  We still haven't seen her."
"Sure thing!"
She provided directions through the pasture down to her south gate.

We had looked in her pasture the day before, but hadn't driven through the south gate.

As we drove through Cathy's pasture, I told Flower Boy, "STOP!"
"I think that is number 3 coming behind us!"
When you spend the amount of time we do with the cattle, you tend to know their walk.
Sure enough!
Here she came!
Nose in the cake spout and head at the window!

She had somehow crossed the fence and mated up with Cathy's cattle.
Such a relief to know she was safe!

Yesterday morning, we called all the cattle to Cathy's catch pen, and number 3 cow was returned to her herd!
The search was over!

Rancher Girl   

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Chapters of The Book

Today is this Beautiful Woman's Birthday!
She is my BFF!

Our Daddies were friends!
They worked in the oil field together.
They drank coffee together.
They tinkered on projects together.
They shared things together.
They were even sick together.

How could their daughters not be life long friends?

We have so many things in common, it makes us wonder if we aren't really sisters.
We know what the other is thinking before she opens her mouth.

The difference between us....
I am a COWgirl!
She is a HORSEgirl!

We tell each other things the other never wants to hear.
Just last week, she told me to go get a Dr. Pepper and a Snickers, AND GET OVER IT!
Probably what I needed to hear too.

There is rarely a rebuttal from the other, as we know what is said needs to be said.
It comes from our hearts with honesty and respect.
We keep each other balanced.
Always supporting the other.
Always with an "I LOVE YOU" attached.

We have struggled together through divorces, single motherhood, raising our children, and working two jobs.

So many stories come to mind while preparing to write this post!

There was a time when money was stretched thin for the both of us.
We had the three younger kids.
My big boy was in college.
The younger ones were little, as there is a 10 year span between my boys.
Melis and I pooled our "extra cash", took the little kids to rent a few movies, and headed to the local grocery store.
As we walked into the store, we told each one of them "You are allowed $10 each and 10 minutes to get whatever you want for snacks! GO!"
It was a mad rush for us all to get our snacks.
We returned to my house for movie night.
THAT is a night our kids still talk about and they are college students now!

We are both Daddy's Girls!
It was a struggle for us to have our daddies both sick at the same time.
Mine died in October, as Melis's died the following January.
Just one day after My Daddy's birthday.
Today is her Daddy's birthday too!
So many things we shared with our daddies!

As each of us worked two jobs, she would watch my boys while I worked my second job and I would watch her girls as she worked hers.
We depended on each other to help parent, gather children, and get them to activities.
We relied on each other to keep our kids centered in Christ and in Life!

The lessons we have learned!
Those lessons weren't just homework lessons either!

She taught Drewman to make meatloaf.
I baked cookies with her girls.

I cleaned her house.
She helped me paint mine.

She knows my passwords!
I know hers!

We've held hands in the worst of times and cried in the best!

We have grown from the days of constant struggle.
We are both in healthy loving relationships with men who truly compassionately care, nurture, protect, and support us.

Our conversations often start with "Why..." or "How..."
All as we are trying to solve the problems of the world.
 Our conclusions, to those questions, are answered by "Be thankful for simple things! LIKE SUNSETS!!"
Followed by a photo of one.  

Today, as she is off on a birthday getaway with the love of her life, she will read this and say,
"I'm only following the directions in the book!"

She claims I have written a book and she is only reading it, as I happened to leave a copy on my coffee table.
I am older than she, but only by a few years!
Therefore, it seems I have accomplished things before her or even crossed hurdles earlier than she.

The reality of the story is....
I could have never written the chapters of the book without her!

She will also read this to her love, shed a few tears, gather herself, and text me.
The text will be something along the lines of "Really!  Did you have to tell the world? Really!"

Yes!  Yes, I Did!

Enjoy your trip, Sister!
Love You More!!

Rancher Girl

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Changes, A Face Lift, and New Beginnings!

Drewman has moved into a rent house with a few of his buddies.
It really wasn't a hard transition for Flower Boy and I, because Drewman has been away at college for the past year and a half.
I am not sure it was even a transition for Drewman to make the move.
He was ready for a new beginning and growth!

Not many things had to be purchased, for the move, as the young men he was moving in with already have the house established and set up.
Drewman did have to purchase a bed.
The Big Kids had a few extra things from their move that Drewman could use.
 I found a steal on an older hardwood desk.

I couldn't wait to get it home and give it a face lift!

Like many of my projects, when I saw the desk, I knew exactly how I wanted to transform it.
It started with sanding.

As Flower Boy and I uncovered the old finish, I sent this photo to Drewman.
 His response was much of what I expected.
At that point, I knew this was going to be a Ranchey Design!

I painted the lower portion, of the desk, a deep brown.
I made sure to only apply one coat of paint, as Drewman has a passion for wood grain.
Had the wood grain not shown through the paint, I had fear he would not be happy.

 A light sanding to the top and drawer fronts were done, leaving some of the original stain in the wood grain.

Polyurethane was then applied to the desk top and drawer fronts. 

The original drawer pulls were placed back on the drawers.

The desk fits perfectly in Drewman's new room!
I love that this is an older desk with height, as well as, a large top and several drawers.
It allows Drewman the surface area a 6'5" college student needs for photos, his bible, simple reminders of home, homework and laptop space.
The drawers can even be used as storage.
This desk is very versatile and sturdy enough to grow with Drewman after college.
The best part...
He can actually sit in a chair and his knees do not hit the desk top!

Here's to Changes, A Face Lift, and New Beginnings!
For the desk and Drewman!

Rancher Girl

Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Excitement

After losing your home in a house fire, then three years later
 THIS is happening in your driveway, 
you kind of freak out!

Home base, of Rockin' B Ranch, is located in a valley.
The flames came rolling over the hill, south of the house.
The pasture south was engulfed in flames!

Firemen sprang into action!
They began spraying down the house!

The pumper truck was laying out hose!
All in preparation to save our house!

Sorry for the lack of photos here...
 7 trucks were lined up between our house and the fire line!

I was on the phone with The Big Kids, texting the remainder of my family, gathering a few personal items, putting on my ring, and loading the dogs in the truck.
All the while, praying and hoping no one reached out to Drewman, as he was in Chicago for intern training!
As I look back through my texts, my family may have thought I was losing my mind!
"Grass fire just south of the house.  Making its way over the hill.  Fire trucks on the road.  We are ok."
Next text
"It's at the pond"
Next text
"Trucks are in the yard"
Next text
"Truck number 7 just pulled in the yard.  They are ready to pump water on the house if needed"
"It's still across the pond"
"The dozer is here now"
"Helicopters too"
(It must have been a news chopper or a medical helicopter, because no water was dropped.)
Next Text
"They had us move all the vehicles"
"it's under control"

The county commissioner, our neighbor and good friend, is always called and made abreast of happenings in his district.
The fire department is quick to call the county for backup equipment and help.
The dozer arrived on scene, under the operation of the county commissioner.
 If you look in the center of this photo, you will see the dozer at work.
There was also a semi water transport truck and a grader, available if needed.

As if that wasn't a big enough scare, for a Saturday!
There was also a fire on Friday!
It was on the east side of the mile section!
This is the photo published by the NewsPress.
We quickly recognized the photo.
It was taken from the hill, just south of our house!
You know...
The hill that burned on Saturday!

Can you see the flames?
Just a little too close for comfort!

By Sunday evening, God had painted a beautiful canvas for chore time!

And the sun did rise this morning!

We have no complaints!
Just trying to settle into our week after all the weekend excitement!
Feeling Thankful and Blessed!

Rancher Girl