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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Temperature Blanket

Many have requested I provide details on my 2018 Temperature Blanket project.

It all started with my frustration of social media, namely Facebook.
I can no longer scroll mindlessly through a list of lies, political views, hate, judgement, and drama.
I will, however, continue to post on the Rockin' B Ranch page and do my best to update Drew's EGGcelent Eggs and A Building We Shall Go's Facebook pages.
As for my personal page, no offense to my friends and family, but...

I needed to find a project.
The type of project that wouldn't consume me, but could be lasting and productive.
I spent many hours searching, pinning, and debating.
Finally, I settled on crocheting a temperature blanket.

I, first, had to pick colors and set a temperature scale.
I chose to use colors close to the forecast temperature scale that Flower Boy looks at each day.

Then off I went to the local Walmart!
I didn't want to invest a large sum of dollars into this project, because I have only crocheted a small square in my entire life!
I am totally a beginner!

Once I picked my colors, I made a temperature key.
Note that we live in Oklahoma, and it rarely gets below 10 degrees.
Also note that I haven't chosen a color for 110+ degrees.
I think I've got a bit of time to decide that one.
I also added a white yarn for days that there might be snow, and the black yarn that separates the months of the year.

My plan was to crochet one row per day, with the color that corresponds with the high temperature in our area.
The temperature was an easy find.
We live within miles of a very busy airport that has two commercial flights per day, therefore they have the official weather for our area.
I just log onto the website and log down the high temperature.
I keep a log, of the temperature, because one never knows if I will get to crochet every evening.
Life happens!
Having one row per day, allows me to catch up on a weekend if I happen to not be able to crochet during the week.
You get the gist.

Here is where things get balled up!
(see what I did there... balled up... yarn ball...)
Ok...  Maybe I'm not as funny as I think. ;-)

Off I go...
Making my single chain stitch, taught by Grandma B, 4 years ago, February 1, 2014.
I'm rolling along, adding row 2 of black for the start of the year.
Then I add row 3 for January 1.
Row 4
Row 5
Row 6
Row 7
Row 8
Row 9
Row 10
Row 11
Row 12
Houston....  We have a problem!

I have produced a ruffle!
Anyone that knows me, knows I do not do ruffles and lace.
I am not a girly girl!
I am a Rancher Girl!

I reach out to My Sissy!
My exact text, followed by the above photo...
"Grandma would be so disappointed!"

You see...
My Sissy and I had a crochet lesson, with Grandma B, in her final days here on earth.
You can read about it here.

My Sissy is much more attentive, to these type of things, than I am.
I am not a girly girl.
I am a Rancher Girl!

Not that I didn't love the lesson, I just may not have paid attention to detail like I should have.
Had this been a lesson on animals or outdoor life, I would have rocked it!

My Sissy paid so much attention, that she has gone on to produce beautiful crochet pieces and even teaches classes to her high school students.
She is a professional!

Of course, the encouraging sister I have, she quickly called me.
"What's going on?"
"What are you trying to do?"
"Don't get discouraged."
"Don't rip it out!"
"Did you count your stitches?"

What?! Wait?! I was suppose to count stitches???

After a very long conversation, she coached me through my options and I moved forward.

She will read this for the first time, because when she checked on me the next week, I didn't tell her what I did...
NO!  I did not tear it out and start a new.

I couldn't get the ruffle out of the bottom, of the first attempt, SO I am now making two blankets!

The person who has never, in her life, crocheted, has no clue what she is doing, and barley has the time to insert projects into her schedule, is NOW MAKING TWO BLANKETS!
"How bad can it be to just make another?  It's just one row per day!"
I said to myself.
"His and Hers?"
"Well you are in too deep now, so suck it up and get it done!"

I am happy to say, I have completed the month of January!
I even did it on January 31!
Plus, I got the two rows of black in, to start the month of February, for the next day!

Keep in mind, these blankets are not going to fit our king size bed, like I had in my original plan.
They will be the size, for a Maw and a Paw, to curl up with, in their chairs, while watching an evening of television.
They might even be large enough, for grand children, to build living room forts or even play peek-a-boo!
They will be perfect, regardless of my stitching ability!

The project hasn't been overwhelming.
I have enjoyed stitching each evening.
It has produced a new "Me Time", reflection, and growth.

I will post updates on my Instagram page, if you want to follow along.
(There is no drama there, and I rather enjoy catching up with fellow ranch folks, our family, and the like.)

I am excited to see my progression throughout the months.
I think I will get better each month too.

Side note...
Drewman thinks I have become a hippy!
Now crochet!

Rancher Girl