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Friday, May 30, 2014

Project Lists

Now that life has slowed a bit for us, I have several projects to mark off my list.

Flower Boy is going to read this and roll his eyes.

Well, he will find something else to do.
Darn that "you have now graduated high school, you don't have to ask permission or adhere to a curfew" words that escaped my mouth!
Although he does inform us of where he is going, what he is doing and is home at a timely manner,
(I'm so glad our kids were raised to respect others.)
we do realize this is his last summer before he steps into a new phase of his life, so we don't expect him to be home to help with small projects.

About the projects!

I want a greenhouse.
(This will have to wait)

I want to finish the new/remodeled hen house and pen.
(This has been a halted project for several reasons.  Drought being one.)

I have a Grandpa Rocker and this bench I want recovered.
 The problem with that is, I can't find the perfect hide to cover them with!

This project still remains unfinished.
The can has a new coat of paint.
The back side of the lid does too.
The top side needs to be completed and a few details added.
 What will we do with it?
I'm still not sure where it will go but it will stay on one of the porches.

The concrete GSD Mascot!
There is a lot of work to be done here.
Not on the boy, but on the statue.
(Well, maybe both!)
 I know exactly where I want the statue placed and exactly what color to paint him.
I just need to get it done!

I also have a few hutch type/dresser type things in storage.
I have some ideas on how to repurpose them!
Pinterest is my friend!

Flower Boy has a few projects of his own.
He wants this thing gone!
And a new one in its place!

He also wants/needs pens at the house.
He plans to complete the entry into the north pasture, as well as build a new main entry into the ranch.
The problem with all of Flower Boy's projects is the drought and burn bans.
He can't weld or use the cutting torch during these times.

I will say, Drewman and friends will be home for Flower Boy's project kickoffs!
You can't keep country boys away from welders and torches!

It will be a flip as to what project we start first.
I might be able to talk Flower Boy into one of my small project completions, this weekend.
The reality of it is, we may be cleaning out the storage/feed shed.

Do you have a project list?
Do tell!
Rancher Girl

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