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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Texture Tuesday - The Mesa

While Flower Boy and Charlie were riding a pasture,
 Princess Sheba and I decided to explore.

We were at the pasture with the big hill.
The big hill pasture is known, to my family, as The Mesa.
 This is a pasture I have explored many times as a child.
As kids, my siblings, friends and I use to climb this hill with our dune buggy, dirt bikes and later with jeeps and trucks.
OH the memories!
AND the wrecks!

 As I have gotten older, I have found a new appreciation for "things" in this pasture.
"Things" I have known have been here for years!
"Things" My Daddy had a hand in placing there.

This, my friends, is the head of a Dead Man.
No, not literally a dead man...
A Dead Man is an oilfield anchor.
By definition:
A hole, complete with anchor and eye and four feet of seven-inch pipe, used to support a drilling mast.
My Daddy built that Dead Man.
I remember being with him when it was placed into the ground.
The oil well was shut in years ago, but this one Dead Man remains.
Speaking of things My Daddy built...
He, Uncle Jack and Grand Dad B built the pens on The Mesa.
 Although now somewhat primitive looking and rust filled, these pens are very functional and designed well for working cattle.
Can you imagine the time it took for them to heat and bend all those corners?!

This is the gate that pushes the cattle through the sweep and into the alley.
Industrial looking, don't you think?

Then there is this post!
 I think it is the last remaining post of the original pens on The Mesa.
I will have to remember to ask Uncle Jack about it.

Just look at the detail of this post!
How old is it?
Was the post hand honed?
 Check out the nail holes and marks on this post!
Are the marks from wire or an axe?
I've always known this post was here.
I've just never taken the time to look at it.

It's bazaar how "things" look different when you are a child, as opposed to looking at the same "things" as an adult.
"Things" you have seen your entire life, take on new meaning.
Memories of those "things" appear as if the event happened that very second.

This week has been and will be a rough week for me.
I made it though Baccalaureate, not without tears.
This evening, we have Drewman's FFA Banquet.
He will be giving his FFA President Retiring Address.
This will not be without tears either.
Saturday is Graduation.
Someone just follow me with a bucket!
I will be a puddle.

I guess, I just needed to take a walk, explore, gather and prepare myself.
Thanks for walking and exploring with me.

Rancher Girl

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