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Thursday, May 15, 2014


As we wind down our week, we look back at Drewman's friends and how they have stood next to him through everything.

I may be in trouble for making this post.
I haven't asked approval from Drewman.
But hey, this is my blog, right?

I won't embarrass you, son.
I promise!

This post is brought to you by this Instagram Photo posted at lunch from chicknboy, AKA Drewman.
Yes, I do know how to take screen shots.
It is something I have recently learned.
I'm sure Drewman is thinking...
"Last time I show her anything!"

Anyway, I wonder if 25 tacos was enough for 5 #hungrydudes!
I have to say, they eat more than that at our house!
The other mothers will agree!
Not that any of us complain.
It is always nice to have the kids hang out at our home.
Our front, side, garage and fridge doors are always open to these boys!

Cooper and Drewman
 Red Riders!
Don't ask!

Cooper, Drewman, Colton and Garrett

Solid Goofs!

This Girl!
She is Drewman's sister from another mother.
Her Momma and I are BFFs!
These two have grown up together and seen each other through so much!

These next two!
They are a special couple!
They are dolls!
Ain't nothin Drewman won't do for these two!

Or they wouldn't do for Drewman!

That's the thing with friends!
They always have your back!

We love these kids like our own and tease that Garrett, Eric, Will and Baylee will be come our new ranch hands when Drewman leaves home.

KayCee, Cooper and Colton graduate with Drewman on Saturday.
Although they will all four be going their separate ways, along with many other of Drewman's friends, their friendships are those that I know will always remain.

They are all Great Kids!

Momma B 

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