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Friday, May 30, 2014

Project Lists

Now that life has slowed a bit for us, I have several projects to mark off my list.

Flower Boy is going to read this and roll his eyes.

Well, he will find something else to do.
Darn that "you have now graduated high school, you don't have to ask permission or adhere to a curfew" words that escaped my mouth!
Although he does inform us of where he is going, what he is doing and is home at a timely manner,
(I'm so glad our kids were raised to respect others.)
we do realize this is his last summer before he steps into a new phase of his life, so we don't expect him to be home to help with small projects.

About the projects!

I want a greenhouse.
(This will have to wait)

I want to finish the new/remodeled hen house and pen.
(This has been a halted project for several reasons.  Drought being one.)

I have a Grandpa Rocker and this bench I want recovered.
 The problem with that is, I can't find the perfect hide to cover them with!

This project still remains unfinished.
The can has a new coat of paint.
The back side of the lid does too.
The top side needs to be completed and a few details added.
 What will we do with it?
I'm still not sure where it will go but it will stay on one of the porches.

The concrete GSD Mascot!
There is a lot of work to be done here.
Not on the boy, but on the statue.
(Well, maybe both!)
 I know exactly where I want the statue placed and exactly what color to paint him.
I just need to get it done!

I also have a few hutch type/dresser type things in storage.
I have some ideas on how to repurpose them!
Pinterest is my friend!

Flower Boy has a few projects of his own.
He wants this thing gone!
And a new one in its place!

He also wants/needs pens at the house.
He plans to complete the entry into the north pasture, as well as build a new main entry into the ranch.
The problem with all of Flower Boy's projects is the drought and burn bans.
He can't weld or use the cutting torch during these times.

I will say, Drewman and friends will be home for Flower Boy's project kickoffs!
You can't keep country boys away from welders and torches!

It will be a flip as to what project we start first.
I might be able to talk Flower Boy into one of my small project completions, this weekend.
The reality of it is, we may be cleaning out the storage/feed shed.

Do you have a project list?
Do tell!
Rancher Girl

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Oklahoma Sky

Happy Wednesday!
Rancher Girl

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Little Cattle Working

We had a little cattle working to do this past weekend.
 Drewman had to work that morning, so it was a good time to break in a new ranch hand.
With Drewman leaving for college in a few months, even though he will only be 25 miles from the ranch, we think it will be good to have Garrett on standby should we need help.

First order of duty is sort the cows from the calves.
 Mommas on the sweep side.
Ready to be worked.
The sweep pen is designed with a circular end.
The gate opens into the cattle.
The operator runs a few head into the sweep and pushes the gate.
The cattle go around the circle, down the alley and into the chute.
This is much less stressful on the cattle.

Babies in the holding pen.
OH NO!!!
A baby crawled through to its momma!
 I was running the sweep pen.
I did all I could to keep the baby separate from the mommas.
Garrett did a great job of pushing the girls down the alley and into the chute.
 Everyone got new jewelry!
Don't those Rockin' B tags look nice?

Drewman arrived just as we were finished with the mommas in this pasture.

Flower Boy set the chute for the babies.
 Flower Boy was thinking when he bought this chute.
 It adjusts for working the bigger cattle and the little ones.

Even the two week old babies got put into the chute to be worked.
 Drewman would push one down the alley and Garrett would hold it till time to go in.
 Everyone got shots!
 One in each shoulder.
 Chrome even got shots and ear tags.
 My OCD can't take this!
I wanted so badly to pick these up!
But we had to gather the next pasture!
I will pick up the old tags soon.
We had quite a bit of rain over the weekend too!
We got all the cattle worked before the rain came in.

As for the new ranch hand...
Garrett did a fine job!
He's a keeper!

What did you do over the long weekend?

Rancher Girl

Thursday, May 22, 2014


"Is it possible that I am so busy doing that I no longer have time to enjoy being?" ~Wilson
I have no idea who Wilson is.
The quote is on my daily calendar.
The pooch, however, is our grand dog Hayden.

We have had our share of "busy" these past few weeks!
Haven't you all?

This week has been a week of relaxing evenings, light suppers and naps!
 Henry, our other grand dog, says it best.

Don't forget to take time to just enjoy being!

Happy Thursday!

Rancher Girl

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Mommas and Babies

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Texture Tuesday - Bed Springs

I ran across these on my little exploration a week or so ago.

When I first started taking the photos, my thought pattern was "These are cool!" and "I kinda like these textures."

Then my thoughts turned to "How did these get here?" and "Did this bed belong to one of my family members?"

Today my thoughts are "Did you know there is an entire section on Pinterest dedicated to Bed Springs?!?!" and "OH! The possibilities!"

I am going to have to go back and dig a few of these springs out of that creek!
 Maybe even this evening!

Have a great Tuesday!

Rancher Girl

Monday, May 19, 2014

Drewman's High School Graduation

The day started early with prepping food trays for the graduation reception.

The Big Kids are life savers!
They always have our back and are willing to do whatever is needed to make any event successful.
Just look at the detail they took in placing the cheese on the tray!
They made every food tray look professional.
Thanks Kids!

Ready to do this!

Gotta tease KayCee with his cords.
 Both KayCee and Drewman received cords for AP Government.
Drewman also received a cord for AP English and FFA.
Each class member wore a gray ribbon in remembrance of a lost classmate, Brendon.

Colton arrives on scene.

The stage is set.
 Line up!
 Get your cords and gray ribbon straight.
 Final instruction from Mr. Justus!
It's not always a good thing to have your last name start with A...
 Here we go!
 Mrs. Stevens keeping them moving.
 We owe so much to Mrs. Stevens.
She has always been supporters of my boys and pushed both to excel.
We can't thank her enough!

 And so the long walk begins!

 79 Graduating Seniors for the PHS Class of 2014

Valedictorian Addresses by Amanda, Taylor and Salyer

Andrew Arnold Alstrom
 That's Our Boy!!!!

 Seniors, get your hats ready!

Best part of my "Big Girl" camera!
I am so happy I got those hat shots!

Proud Family!

Proud Aunt Yo!

Proud Friends!

Slight technical difficulties with the reception sign..
We NEED Rain! 

Food is out and ready!

The most perfect graduation cake ever!
Made by Aunt Tonya!

 It was pretty darn tasty too!

Great friends and family!

We had all of Drewman's awards, scholarships, art and photo board on display.

Beautiful gifts and cards!

One proud graduate and his happy Momma PYG!

We did it!
We survived the day!
A wonderful graduation and reception with our boy!
We couldn't have pulled it off without the Big Kids!
We are truly blessed with amazing friends and family!
Not a single tear was shed!
I won the bet!

Look Out OSU!
Here comes Drewman!
Rancher Girl