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Friday, March 16, 2018

A Special Project

It all started with a late night text, from Miss B's Mommy.
"I'm on the hunt for someone to build me two wooden sawhorses."

My reply
"Sawhorses?  Paw says send photos."

Soon followed this photo.

This put Paw into action!

The next day he was searching the shed for 2x4's, plywood, and trim.
Several texts back and forth as to size, height, and other specifics.
All materials were left over from the house build.
Paw was happy to provide the service, make some space in the shed, and use up some of the materials.
Mommy asked for rustic, but clean lines with a farmhouse feel.

And so the project began...

One sawhorse complete....
 And another...

Ready for paint...
Bright white, no doubt!

Now for the top!

Add some trim.

Don't forget the mark!

Paw branded the underside.
Mommy will be using the table for events not Rockin' B Ranch related.
The table had to have the brand!
It is who WE are!

Now on to the completed project.

Paw was a bit concerned about the use of the reclaimed lumber.
He had worries about the nail holes and nicks in the 2x4's, but Mommy was thrilled with the results.

The entire project was for Miss B's 2nd Birthday.

Her party was a farm party.
Very fitting for the 6th generation of The Rockin' B!
Mommy and Daddy made all the food, the cakeballs, and arranged the beautiful flowers.

The Birthday Cake!

We even hatched chicks for the party.

Happy Birthday Miss B!
Paw would rope the moon for you!
You hold our hearts, Baby Girl!

Rancher Girl