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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Call Me Weird

Hey There!
Yes, it has been forever!
I won't apologize, but will try to do better.

I haven't shared much with anyone over this past year or so.
Flower Boy has had some stomach issues, after months and a few changes, he is much better.

I thought I would share some of what we are doing.
Or should I say attempting....

You all know my way of "The Simple Life".
I cook at home.
I prepare at home.
I bake at home.
I can at home.
I jell at home.
I am now brewing at home!

I am not brewing beer or wine.

Although, I would like to attempt to brew wine.
My granddad use to brew wine.
I remember opening his closet door to look at the size/inflation of the bouncy balloon, on the top of the brew bottle.

You know the bouncy balloons I am speaking of?
The ones your grandma use to buy you at the Five and Dime Store.
They were the thick rubber type that had the ball/teat on one end.
A rubberband was attached to the ball/teat.
When she blew up the balloon, you would walk around all day popping that rubberband against the balloon, aiming for your siblings head, arm, or any part of their body you could hit.
It was the simplest form of entertainment!

Back to brewing...
I am brewing Kombucha.
Kombucha is a fermented tea.
It has been consumed for thousands of years.
It is a rich source of probiotics and contains tons of antioxidants.
All in an effort to produce a healthy gut!
The bacteria in Kombucha can improve many aspects of health, including digestion, inflammation, and even weight loss.
Just search it.
I've added a link.
Click here....

I have been reading, researching, and wanting to brew for sometime now.
I have been drinking Kombucha for years.
It isn't expensive, but I wasn't so sure the stuff you buy, in the stores, really provide the benefits of the home brew.    

I ordered a Kombucha Scoby a few weeks ago and started a batch soon after it arrived.
It was so easy!
All I did was steep some strong black tea, add water, sugar, and white vinegar, place the tea in a gallon size canning jar, add the scoby, cover with a coffee filter, put a rubberband around the top, and place the container in the hot water closet.
That last step reminded me of my granddad!
The batch should be ready in a day or so.
I will test it this evening.
I can't wait to try the fizzy sweetened effervescents of my brew! 

When the brew is finished, I will place it in individual bottles and refrigerate.

There is a second brew option too.
It is adding flavor.
I will have to do more research on this, before trying it, but I think I will add sand plum as my first flavor!

Sand plums are a small plum grown wild in our area and are much sought after for by local jelly and wine makers.
I however have the competition of the cattle to contend with, when these little cherry sized beauties are ripening on the bush.
If I don't beat the cattle to the sand plum bushes, each year, my family goes without jelly!

Speaking of jelly...
This year, I made enough jelly to share with coworkers, as well as family and friends.
Don't worry, if you haven't gotten yours and you know you were on the list, you will receive it soon.

One of my coworkers, with whom I provided jelly, knew about Flower Boy's tummy issues.
She and I have spoken about my Kombucha brewing.
She brews sauerkraut!
Today, she brought me a sample.
Call me weird, but I can't wait to sample it!

Rancher Girl