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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Last night we had over 5 inches of rain, at the ranch!
No complaints here!
We needed the rain!

We haven't seen the pond this full in a few years.
The water went over the spillway!

It ran over the dock!

It is full!

Water was still running down the drive as I was leaving this morning!

Praise The Lord for MUCH needed rainfall!

Now to go check the water gaps and fences...
Ranch chores are never done!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Seismic Crew Ahead

Have you seen these signs around?
Not only have they been ahead, they have been behind, above and all around us the past several weeks.
Workers are everywhere!
Walking through pastures.
Driving down the roads.
Driving in the pastures.
Flying in helicopters.
It's like a bee hive in our area!

What are they doing, you ask?
Basically, they are searching for oil.
It's been a really neat process to track!
The helicopters drop these bags filled with equipment and sensors.
The sensors looks like this.

There are cables, running off a sensor, buried into the ground. 

Then these monster trucks arrive!


They drive through pastures...
leaving these paths...
At least now we know where to cross the draw.

This part of the truck is the thumper.
The operator lowers it to the ground and according to "Seismic Source"
THIS is what happens.
"Thumper’s advanced technology what we call AWD "Accelerated Weight Drop" seismic energy source, where a high pressure gas (min 6.9 MPa (1,000 psi)) is used to accelerate a heavy weight Hammer (5,000 kg) to hit a base plate coupled from a distance of 2 to 3 m, which is coupled to the ground to generate an acoustic pulse. Several thumps were stacked to enhance signal to noise ratio."

I was able to capture a few videos too!
Excuse my finger in this one.

Then there is this one.
We were just across the fence line while taking the video and could feel the vibration.
Then just like that...
They are gone!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Have you ever tried convincing someone you need something?

This past weekend, I convinced Flower Boy to purchase me one of these!
I wanted it!
I thought it would be easier for me to run than a weed eater.
I thought it would give me a good workout.
Plus, I felt like I would be doing my part in maintaining the yard.
(Remember, we maintain about 4 acres of yard.)
Flower Boy was against it because he says...
"You don't need to work that hard."
"We (Drewman and Flower Boy) can run the weed eaters."
I wasn't going to set, on the porch, and look pretty while they were doing all the work.
This was my argument...
"This is something I can do and I am willing to do what I can.
I know I am not a man and can't do a lot of what they do,
But this...

 Totally against Flower Boy's will, we made the purchase.
It trims around the pond nicely!

It trims up the creek line nicely.
It trims around the entry way nicely.

 It trims around the rocks nicely.

I almost wish I hadn't been so convincing!
I have a lot more to trim!
Nothing like a good 'ole country workout!
Wonder who will be setting, on the porch, looking pretty now?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


relating - v.  1. To narrate or tell.
2. To bring into or link in logical or natural association.

This post has been several days in the writing and editing section of our blog dashboard.

Tornadoes hit Oklahoma on Sunday, May 19th.
One hit an area where the builder and construction crews live.
We have grown close to several of these people and consider them to be friends.
We also know people who have family, offices and businesses in that area.
Our hearts sank!

Then Monday, the BIG ONE hit!
This is all that has been in the news the past three days.
We, as all Oklahomans, are watching and praying and looking for ways to help. 

We can relate to how the victims could be feeling and acting!

So much on the news, Monday evening, were the words, 
"People are walking around in a daze."
The Daze After The Fire tells all, for us!
You don't know what to do.
You don't know how to feel.
You don't know how to react.

The drive home, for us, was so long, after Drewman called to say our house was on fire.
These people driving to get home, what was maybe 15 minutes, I can assure you, it felt like hours!

When we arrived and saw "it", there were no words.
As these people walked out of their safe rooms, cellars, closets or they turned into their neighborhood, from their horrific drive to get there, 
They didn't have feeling!

As you watched them walk around aimlessly looking, 
They didn't know what else to do!

I remember the morning after the fire,
I was setting on a rock, on the side of our hill,
My phone rang,
I looked at it,
I didn't know the number,
I hesitated to answer,
When I did,
A person, I didn't know, asked what I needed.
My answer...
I don't know.

These victims DON'T KNOW!

Thankfully, we had aunts, uncles and the big kids to take us by the hand and lead us.
They took control, cooked, did laundry, collected donations, made phone calls, devised a plan and discussed, all while we sat in our daze.
We pray, these victims have someone to lead them.

The news broadcasters are heartless!
We watch them pickup items, show it to the camera and drop it like trash.
Where is their respect for these peoples belongings?
The news claims freedom of press.

The day after our house fire, the news media arrived.
I was so proud of Our Big Boy!
He escorted them back to their vehicle and in the most business like manner, he reminded them,
Their freedom of press stopped when they entered our gate.

Knowing these victims don't have this ability,
We are sickened.

People wanting to help, dropping off items and donations.
This does your heart good!
Being on both ends of the giving and receiving, this post and this one speaks volumes, for us! 
These people don't know what they will be able to salvage.
Even what you may think as small is huge when the person has nothing!

Sifting through the rubble was very hard for us.
These people will shed many more tears as they find photos of their loved ones, items they kept from when their children were babies or even a plaque that hung on their wall.
I will never forget when Flower Boy found our Christmas Stockings and that box of my boy's toys!
When Drewman went in and pulled out some pictures!
When Our Big Kids pulled out my Fiesta!
When Flower Boy cut a hole in the only standing walls to pull out my massive tub!

If you are there to help, anything salvageable means so much to these people.
Allow them time to reflect, hold it and cry.
Please stand with them, with an open heart and an extended hand.
It means more than you will ever know.

There was an afternoon, a friend came to take me away so I could shower, eat and take a nap.
I hated to leave Flower Boy.
She pulled me away, knowing I needed some "Me Time".
When we returned,
Other friends were there with Flower Boy.
They were setting in chairs,
Attempting to relax.
Drewman had his friends with him, as well.
They would laugh, joke and be silly teenagers.

If you have friends that are victims,
You don't have to do anything.

We could not have made it through without our friends and family!

Over these past 8 months, we have needed alone time.
It has been time to heal, reflect, make our new plan and rebuild.
Does it seem like a lifetime?
Does it seem like yesterday?
We still don't know...
We take things one day at a time.
We get through today to get to tomorrow.
We still don't look into the future.
We accept the gift God has given us at this very moment and move forward.

Many tears have rolled down my face as I have typed, backspaced, deleted and re-typed this post.
So much more could be added.

What the relating definition doesn't say...
Relating is a synonym to Reliving.
As I end this post, no one situation is the same.
The person next door will not react the same as his neighbor.
There are stages of trauma.
Each person hits each stage at a different point, place and time.
There are no rules, only cause and effect.
With the Grace of God and the help of family, friends, strangers and communities, 
These victims will rise above "it"! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Too Pretty To Mow!

We have gotten quite a bit of rain this spring.
For this, we are very thankful.
We have been in a drought the past few years.
Last year, we only mowed our yard three times!

I believe this year we will be mowing more.
A few weeks ago, Flower Boy serviced the mower, in preparation of mowing season.
We mow three to four acres of yard.
Lots of hills, rocks and banks.
We mow over the pond damn
and around the back side of the pond.
We try to keep the yard short, because when it gets hot the snakes come out!

I took a walk around the yard and snapped a few pictures of the pretty wild flowers growing.
I'm not sure the house fire had anything to do with these pretty things.
Flower Boy says that burning pasture releases nutrients into the ground and makes the pastures better.
The yard didn't burn, but these things weren't here in years past.

There is Iris blooming, next to some of the rocks.

Several Cacti popping up on the side of the hill.
I am not a fan!
They are about to bloom.
Maybe I will change my mind.
I will keep watching...
I even found a honeysuckle that has transformed into a tree!
We have lived here since November 2007 and have never seen the yard like this.
It was almost too pretty to mow!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Big Night For Drewman

Tuesday evening was the FFA Banquet, for Drewman's FFA Chapter.
Our family has always been active and supported the FFA program.
Going back to my grandpa showing cattle.
My Daddy even had a FFA ring.
My siblings and I were very active in FFA, from showing livestock to speech contests.
The Big Boy followed in my grandpa's footsteps and did very well at cattle shows, while he was in FFA.
He always received top honors with his heifers, when he walked them into the show ring.

This makes Drewman a legacy in the FFA.
Although his role is much different than the rest of us, Drewman has made his way to the top!

Drewman is a leader.

A showman.

A speaker.

A craftsman.

A businessman and entrepreneur.

And a true Man of God.

Sometimes, Drewman is just a goof.

AND like all 17 year olds, he loves to have fun!

This past year, Drewman held the office of Treasurer for his local FFA Chapter.
He sold Blue and Gold sausage, chicken and bacon.
He has shown his broiler chickens at the state level.
He has attended leadership conferences.
He has lead his church youth group in presentations, to our congregation.
He has participated in state FFA welding competitions.
He has always made sure we "Pay It Forward".
He has attended both the National and State FFA Conventions, with his chapter.
He has been selected, as one of seven, to represent our town at Boy's State.
He has always made good grades and been a good steward.
He has been a typical 17 year old, who spends time with friends on Friday and Saturday nights.
Sledding when it snows, playing in the mud when it rains, as well as, hunting and fishing year around.
These past 8 months, Drewman has juggled all that, on top of, being a major help with the house build and our portion of projects going into our new home.
We could not have done it without him!

Drewman is also the entrepreneur of Drew's EGGcelent EGGs.
This is a business he and PaPa started several years ago.
Drewman needed a project and PaPa provided him with chickens.
As the flocks grew, so did the egg production.
PaPa sold the eggs out of his weld shop, until there was enough production for Drewman to take the eggs to Farmers Markets.
We obtained an egg license through the state department and set up Drew's EGGcelent EGGs for it's debut market.
It was a success!
Drewman now has a weekly delivery route to our town and I bring his eggs to work, for pickup, in a town 25 miles from home.
Drewman has over 70 laying hens and several laying ducks.
On average, Drew's EGGcelent EGGs distributes over 30 dozen eggs per week.

In past years, Drewman has gotten hatching eggs from other poultry producers and incubated them.
His incubator burned during the house fire, so this year he purchased replacement chicks. 
25 brown egg layers and 15 green egg layers are due to deliver in June.
It is important to have fresh egg layers each year, in order to keep up production. 

With all this being said, the FFA Banquet was a big night for Drewman!

STAR Agribusinessman!

FFA Proficiency Award in Diversified Livestock!

 Outstanding Junior Member!

The 2012-2013 FFA Officer Team is a group of amazing kids!

They have supported Drewman in so many ways.
I don't know where Drewman would be without them.
Drewman loves these girls like sisters and there is nothing he wouldn't do for them.
Here's the proof!

Not only has Drewman been supported by the officer team, he has also been supported by the members.
Peyton and Dusti are great girls too!

Drewman and his brother from another mother, Cooper.
Cooper and Drewman have grown up together.
Coop is at home in our house as Drewman is in Coop's house.

Drewman's top honor, of the evening, was being named the 2013-2014 President of his FFA Chapter!
This is a goal Drewman set for himself during his first year in FFA.
Drewman never once faltered or lost sight of his goal.

If you remember, the house fire started on the outside wall of Drewman's bedroom, at the A/C unit.
After the fire was out and we were allowed to sift through the rubble,
 Drewman was left with nothing salvageable!
His Blue Corduroy Jacket (the symbol of the FFA) was pulled from what use to be his closet, with burns, holes and melted chard's of other materials attached.
All of his achievement pens were melted or the finish was burnt off them.
Drewman never gave up hope.
He never stopped believing.
He never lost faith.
He never lost focus.
He never lost his smile
He continued in a positive direction.
Drewman took what could have been the lowest point of his life, turned it around and met his goal!

Next year, Drewman will lead his local FFA Chapter to new heights!
He will be a Senior!
He will be taking concurrent college courses!
He will be 18!
Preparing to leave home to further his education, dreams and goals!

We are so proud of you, son!
Keep reaching for the stars!
Stay true to yourself!
Keep God in your heart!
Your family by your side!
Anything can be yours!

Proud Momma