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Friday, January 4, 2013

Paying IT Forward

 Paying IT Forward has become a family motto since the house fire.  Because of the many continued blessings we have received, it only seems proper.

Drewman and I went on a trip with his FFA Chapter to the National FFA Convention shortly after the fire.
We were waiting for coffee, after placing our order, when two service men walked up to the "place order here" line.  Drewman says "Mom, I think I need to purchase their coffee?"  I looked up at Drewman and said "Go for it!"  Drewman walks to the front of the line and tells the teller, he will be purchasing these gentleman's order.
 These service men argued that Drewman did not need to purchase their drinks.  I stepped up and told our story.  Mind you, the entire place was full of FFA Members, parents, teachers, mentors and business men and women.  Several heard and saw what was happening.  As Drewman and I were walking off, I had a lady grab my arm, give me a hug and say "We all saw what that young man did.  You should be proud of your son.  You have raised him right."  She cried...  I cried...  As I looked around, all eyes were on Drewman and myself.  All eyes were teared and faces wet.

Whenever we see someone with a bucket on a corner or a request for money to get from point A to point B.  We give the change in our pockets.

We have given homeless food and clothing.

We have purchased food for those behind us in a fast food line.

We have always donated un-used items to charities and done our part to tithe. We will continue when we have items available and even give a bit more.

We know we will never be able to give back what our family, friends, community and even strangers have given us.

We have decided, if there is one thing that we could have been taught through our loss, it is;
 NEVER not give more than we have been given.
ALWAYS open doors for others.
ALWAYS smile, wave and say thank you.
GIVE to those in need.
NEVER question where or why the gift is needed.

Last evening I read this post on facebook;
2013 Creative Pay-It-Forward...the first 5 people to comment on this status will receive from me, sometime in the next calendar year, a gift - perhaps a book, baked goods, a candle, music - a surprise! There will likely be no warning and it will happen whenever the mood strikes me.  The catch? Those 5 people must make the same offer in their FB status...

I was mindful to not hit "like" or comment, although I thought it was very clever and creative.  This morning, I looked at the post again.  After 5 folks had commented, I then commented and shared the post.

They say, to Pay IT Forward isn't just for the one receiving, but also for the one giving.  Me and mine can truly say we have been on both sides.  The feeling you have when you give is a marvelous feeling, but the feeling you have when you receive is beyond words!



  1. Anonymous3/04/2014

    what? no one commented on this??? the facebook idea, writing that one down for future use.... :)

  2. I would put you on my Christmas card list as rogue sl driver, I have a 2013 rogue s

    1. Joe,
      I hit a deer and totaled my rogue last fall. I loved that vehicle. I drive an edge now and love it even more.
      Thanks for stopping by!