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Friday, January 11, 2013


This week, I spent a day, in the city, looking at appliances and lighting.

The builder sent me to several places.  It took up most of my day. 
I had to take my car in for service, so I had the time to waste.  The car dealer gave me a loaner vehicle, while they worked on mine.  BONUS!

I was a little overwhelmed when I wrote, Meetings, Decisions and Choices.  I can't say, I am no longer overwhelmed, but I am coping a bit better.  Remember that Special Aunt?  She told me, "You need to relax and enjoy the ride."  I remind myself of this often and did so, on my lighting and appliance excursion.  It made for a really FUN day!

I started with the appliances.  Thinking, "Oh yeah, I got this!  I know EXACTLY what appliances I want!" 
Stoves now have warming drawers, 5th burners, double ovens, and griddles.
I just thought I wanted a simple propane stove, with convection.
There are duel fuel and trivection stoves!
OH... They are called Kitchen Ranges NOT Stoves.

I moved on to the microwaves.
Looking for one to place above the Kitchen Range, I want it to also be the Range Hood.  I had one of these in the old house.  Again, I knew EXACTLY what I was looking for.
These come in convection too!  Plus, some have controls on the side, while others have controls on a bottom panel.

Let's talk refrigerators.  We had a new stainless steel refrigerator in the old house.  It was less than two years old. 
Do they change those things every month?
Side by Side... Three Drawer... Four Drawer...
Did you know refrigerators now have the ice maker in the cooling section, of the unit?  NOT the freezer!

Dishwashers are dish washers, right?
All I can say is...  Have you ever seen Alvin and the Chipmunk's?  The scene where Alvin is showering in the dishwasher?
Dishwashers ARE NOT just dish washers!

The washer and dryer was easy to choose.  That Special Aunt, she has the kind I want!
Several brands to choose from, but none the less, Front Load.
Stand or no stand was a question, but was answered, given my height.
My OLDER sister spoke a few days ago, "As we get older, our ailments should be called olditis."  I don't want some sort of "itis" from bending, to move clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Leaving the appliance store, totally confused, I drove across the city to the lighting store!

I walked in and was BLINDED!
Too many lights, all in one place... All jumbled and close together... Not able to see detail, on any...
I requested books and took them home, for Flower Boy, to look at.
They sent me home with SEVEN!  These aren't small, thin, simple pamphlets.  These are thick, heavy, college type books!

Who knew there were so many OPTIONS?!?!
All in a day of a Daddy's Rancher Girl heading to the city, for FUN!
I even treated myself to ICE CREAM!

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  1. Anonymous1/11/2013

    We have a refrigerator with a cross bottom freezer and I would'nt trade it for anything!
    And....that Special Aunt is right....enjoy!