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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Proper Tool

Everyone knows, a job is better done, when one has the proper tool.
You shouldn't use a flat head screwdriver in a phillips head slot or a hammer to drive a screw.
It just doesn't work!

Proper tools are a must on the ranch.
We've been working on fence, for some time now.
This last project involved pulling tee posts.
My Daddy made me a tool, years ago, to do just that.
It looks pretty primitive, but it works like a charm!
Tee Post Pullers are now sold commercially. 
I think, My Daddy should have put a patent on them.
He was a genius, when it came to manufacturing the proper tool for a job.
"Work smarter not harder"  he would say.

The Tee Post Puller works like a high lift jack.
Attach it to the tee post.

Push down on the handle.

The tee post pops out of the ground.


We like to recycle where we can.
The Puller saves the posts, from being bent or twisted, and allows us to reuse them.
If we were to pull the posts by hand, our backs would be sore and most likely, the posts would come out bent, due to the movement needed to loosen the ground around the post.  
We actually thought this little tool was lost in the mix of the fire and the daze after.
After MUCH searching, the LOST was FOUND!
I think, Flower Boy was glad to find it!

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