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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

R.I.P. Miss Athena

Miss Athena

This past weekend, we had to do something we knew had been coming for awhile.
We had to say goodbye to one of our canine family members.

Miss Athena came to live with me in 2008.
Our Girl's daddy is a veterinarian.  He had Athena at his clinic and had been treating her, for heart worms.
When she came to live with me, there was no guarantee how long she would live.
The goal was to give her a good life and allow her to enjoy life in the country.

Athena was a very loyal companion.
She followed me everywhere.
She was an adoptive mother to the other canine members of our family.
She even kept the chickens and ducks herded together.

No one really knows how old Athena was. 
We figure between 12 and 14.

Last spring, I called Our Girl's brother.  Brett is also a veterinarian.
"I think Athena has an abscessed tooth."
As it turned out, it was not an abscessed tooth. 
Miss Athena had cancer.
Given her age, condition of her hips and past heart worm treatment, we opted to provide Athena with the best possible life we could and when the time came, we would say goodbye.
She required special care and daily medication. 
We made sure to provide Athena with everything needed, to live a productive life.

After the fire, we couldn't take care of Athena like she needed.
The Big Kids took her to Our Girl's family clinic.
The staff cared for Athena for almost 3 months.
We would go to visit her every weekend.
I would cry to bring her home.
Finally, one weekend, Flower Boy agreed.
Brett and Flower Boy remined me of the care Athena required.
I was willing to do whatever it would take, to have her home.
We wanted Athena to be able to spend time in the new house, before it was time to say goodbye.

The time came before the house is complete and before we were ready.
On Sunday, we called Brett, drove Athena to the clinic, and with Brett's help, we said goodbye.
We laid Miss Athena to rest, at a peaceful spot on the ranch.

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