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Monday, January 14, 2013


This past weekend, we needed to move the tub, from storage, to the new house.
The tub was one of the few things salvaged from the fire.
I love love love my tub!  It provides me with a tranquil get away, from any stresses my day may have caused.  I relax, melt and soak up to my neck in the hot water.  

There were a few other things, I cherish, that were salvaged from the fire, as well.
The Big Kids pulled my Fiesta out of the house.  They know what it means to me.  I have quite a collection.
It was a part of The Daze After The Fire.  Had I not been in the Daze, I'm not sure I would have allowed my Big Boy to go into the house.  The only part of the house standing was our bedroom, dressing area and master bath.  Along the exterior wall of our bedroom was the kitchen.  Those cabinets were still attached, as were, a few of the upper cabinets, along the exterior wall of the house.
On this day, Flower Boy headed to town, to conduct some ranching business.  My Big Boy says, "Do you think we can get the Fiesta out?"  He gets up and heads into the burnt rubble!  Handing my Fiesta out the broken kitchen window to Our Girl and myself.
Flower Boy made it clear, "NO ONE WILL RETURN TO THAT HOUSE BUT ME!"
He came home to find my Fiesta in the yard.
No words were said.  To this day, he has said nothing about us not following his direct order.
That night, the Big Kids took most of the Fiesta home, with them.  The remainder, a girl friend and I put in storage tubs and took to her house.

This weekend while preparing to move the tub, I asked Drewman to go get everything, that was inside the tub, out and bring it to me.  Again, The Daze After The Fire, I couldn't remember what was stored where.
This is what Drewman brought in!

Most of my baskets were in the dressing area and our bathroom at the time of the fire.
Now covered is smoke, ash and insulation,
some have damage and some liners are melted.
I spent the day cleaning them.
Don't they look PRETTY?!?!
 Only one needs to be sent in for repair.  I'm not sure I will have it repaired.
It may serve as a reminder of what once was.

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