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Monday, January 7, 2013

Br_ _ _ RUN!!

Over the weekend, we made a quick run for some very important items.


We plan to use the paver brick, as the utility and mud room flooring, in the new house.

It was about a month or so ago, Flower Boy said something about looking for paver brick, for the house.  Momma Teddi suggested, we use some from an old historical school house, on their property.  It's the school house the late Governor Henry Bellmon attended when he was a child.
Our thoughts... WHY NOT?

Sunday, we made a BRICK RUN!

Flower Boy had already measured the rooms and had figured the amount of brick needed.

Luckily, there were bricks already cleaned and stacked.  Covered up with bricks fallen off the building, rotten wood and dirt, but none the less, cleaned and stacked.  This means, we won't have to knock off all the old mortar!

Drewman and Flower Boy brought them to the truck.

I stacked them in the truck bed. 
One load was 381 and another was 336.

717 brick later...
We have a pallet of red and several black!
I can't wait to power wash them and see what they look like.  Better yet, I can't wait to see what the utility and mud room floors look like!

Just doing our part to save the environment and add a bit of history to our new home!
Are you doing anything to recycle or save the environment?

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