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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I've told you before, our job is Clean Up.
It is a daily job and is becoming more work, the further along we get into building.
The weekends seem to be the time we do the detailed cleaning.
The new house is much bigger than the old one.  If our detailed cleaning, of the job site is any indication, of the housekeeping I will be doing once the house is complete, Flower Boy may be hiring a maid!

Electrical guys moved in and should be finished this week.  
We needed to prepare for them, as well as, prepare for the insulation guys.
Before the insulation is installed, they will caulk and seal all around the walls.
I suffer from what Flower Boy calls OCD, therefore, I needed to make certain there were no partials left to keep the caulk from making a good seal.

I was sure to get the corners!

And every nook and cranny!
I have that special aunt to thank for this!
My home is clean, but her home is immaculate!

While I was doing my housekeeping, the guys were placing some extra OSB in the attic.
 Flower Boy would call down the measurements.

Drewman would measure
 and cut

The got most of the attic decked with the leftover OSB, from the framing materials.
We figured, the materials were to large to throw away and we could make good use of them.

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