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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Short Weeks and Weather

Short weeks due to Christmas, New Years and the weather has slowed things up a bit.  We can't expect workers to be away from their families during a holiday.  We wouldn't be away from ours. There was also rain, ice and snow over New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
I didn't like waking up on New Year's Eve to see my house wet!  I sent Flower Boy a text, "Our house is full of water!"  His response, "IT WILL BE ALRIGHT!!"  Nuff said...

During this time, the fireplace has been framed, we swept out all the water, the fascia and soffit is complete, and we have done a ton of cleanup.  Cleanup is our job.  I will blog more about that later.

This weeks meeting with the builder has been to go through a "punch list".  This is a list of items we need addressed, changes needing made or going over things that may have been missed by the sub-contractors.

I have been informed it is time to move my tub into my bathroom!  I couldn't me more excited!  I miss my tub!
We have also ordered doors.  The builder will place a construction door on the front of the house, so not to damage the one we picked out.  This will be a surprise for you all when I blog the BIG REVEL!

Oh, and.... the shingles are here!!!!

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