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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Spirit

It has been difficult for us to get into the Christmas Spirit this year, but we are getting there.

My aunt made us this stocking to hang on our door.
She sent it home with Drewman the beginning of December.

It's not that we don't love the Christmas season, we have been busy with building, cleanup, meeting with contractors, choosing items for the house and attempting to put our lives back together.

We hung our stockings on the wall.  Our stockings were one of the things that were spared by the fire.

I hadn't done any Christmas shopping, till this week.  I spent a lunch hour, at my computer, doing shopping online.  Now, I have to worry about Flower Boy and Drewman picking up the packages, that are due to arrive.  I have instructed them, "Do not pick up the packages! Do not shake the packages! Do not look at the package labels! Leave them alone until I get home!"

Last evening was the Christmas Parade in our home town.  I received a reminder text from my aunt, "Tonight at 6 is the Christmas Parade".  My response, "We will be there!"

This float was made by a sorority my aunt is involved in.  Most years, they have the award winning float.

Travis and Presley's float

A Ditch Witch

Our Local Bank


Santa's float stops at his house in the downtown square and all the children get to visit with him.  The square is decorated with beautiful lights and decorations.  I asked Flower Boy if I could go visit Santa.  He gave me a glaring "NO".

After the parade, I believe I am in the Christmas Spirit!

Please excuse the pictures.  I took them with my cell phone.  I plan to ask Santa for a Canon Rebel with Lenses, if I can ever set on his lap!

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