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Friday, December 28, 2012

All Wrapped Up

The framing crew is wrapping up their portion of our house.
Onyx keeps a watchful eye on their every move.
Window holes have been cut in the OSB.

 The house has been wrapped in the plastic vapor barrier material.

 The final bracing in the attic area has been placed.

All the braces, that were in the rooms, have been removed.  We are able to get a real feel of the rooms now!  I am starting to place furniture... in my head!

The soffit and fascia are ready to be installed.

 Materials arrived late last night.

Installation began this morning!

Brick has been ordered.  Shingles have been ordered.  Windows have been ordered.
We are still on track to be in the house by my birthday!  April 4, 2013!  Bring It!


  1. Onyx is beautiful! I have one just like it. His name is Big Black. Xoxo

    1. He is such an amazing dog! We raise AKC German Shepherd puppies. Onyx is our stud male.
      We are currently looking for a solid black female. We think they will make beautiful puppies!