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Monday, March 25, 2013

Prep Time

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Do you know the amount of prep time that goes into a project?
It is a ton of work, but in the end it is the best time spent.

Over the past several weeks, we have been preparing pallet wood for our living room floor.
Drewman completed half the wood in wood shop.
The other half was completed last week at home.
I will blog more about that later.
I only thought taking the pallets apart was hard!

This past weekend we prepared the sub-floor.

It all started with a trip to Lowes.
Flower Boy measured and measured again.
He made his list and checked it twice.
I am a list person so if it isn't on the list, it doesn't get purchased.
We found things that weren't on the list.
Needless to say, Drewman had to return to Lowes.
We looked at a tool that we thought would make the process of laying the sub-floor easier, but we didn't purchase it.
It wasn't on the list...

The Lowes workers loaded the truck and we scurried home to start laying the sub-floor.

Flower Boy starts by making the cuts for the first piece of plywood.
Then adhesive designed to adhere the plywood to concrete is applied.
Sliding the plywood into place without touching the concrete.
About this time is when Drewman got to make the second trip to Lowes.
We picked up some widget type nails that were suppose to be EASY to drive into the concrete.
Somebody lied!
Every one Flower Boy would attempt to drive would bend over and not go into the concrete.
The decision was made to send Drewman to get that tool we looked at.
The one that wasn't on the list...
This little gem shoots a nail with a .22 bullet!
(Minus the lead.)
So much easier and faster!

While preparing the final full sheet of plywood,
Flower Boy tells me to get my phone ready to take a picture.

It all starts with the Brand.
Then he adds our initials.
To finish it off, he adds 2013.
I do love this man!
He always does something special to show his love for us.

The guys are making the final cut of the day/night.
The subfloor is complete!
Anyone care to dance before the pallet wood goes down?

Copyright 2013 A Building We Shall Go!
All rights reserved


  1. awesome work...hey did you guys know yall were doing this before hand? Reason I ask is the cabinets in the background....once applied the plywood then pallet wood did the floor seemed raised any? I know the pallet wood is usually around 3/4 or 5/8 right?

    1. Diesel, both the pallet wood and the plywood are 5/8" think. The entire floor height is 1 1/4".
      Yes, we knew WE would be laying the pallet wood floor prior to the cabinets being built. The builders took the floor into consideration when they built the cabinets. The pallet wood floor was the plan from the beginning of the house build. There is a transition from the pallet wood floor to the stained concrete kitchen floor and another from the pallet wood floor to the paver brick mud room floor. The transitions are not an issue. The builder did a great job of placing them on an angle (a ramp of sorts), as the entire home was built handicap accessible. We plan to grow old here. This is our dream home!
      The pallet wood floor was something we wanted to do ourselves, therefore the builder only had a hand in the transitions, but made sure to use the pallet wood we provided.
      We are so proud of our work and LOVE our floor!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. hi may i know whats that tool u use with the hammer to hammer the nail?
    and whats that blue tools.

    1. Jordan,
      The blue tool is the gun that shoots the nail to hold the subfloor to the concrete. It shoot the nail with a .22 caliber cartridge.
      "The tool used with the hammer to hammer the nail?" I assume you are speaking of "Our Dinosaur". This tool was purchased from the flooring professionals that advised us on the best way to lay this beautiful floor. You may follow the link in the Pioneering post to contact them. They will be glad to work with you. Tell John at PowerNail we said Hi!

  3. Anonymous4/22/2014

    the love and attention to detail, must make you smile daily, what a beutiful thing to do, the memories it will hold, fantastic

  4. What was the adhesive you used?

    1. Lankguard,
      The adhesive was a Liquid Nails product designed to adhere subflooring to concrete. It can be picked up an any local hardware store of big box store.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. How far apart did you place each nail in the subfloor? How many nails per sheet?...approximate.

    1. Jeff,
      That was well over a year ago. Our memory does not serve us to answer your question.
      Rancher Girl

  6. Anonymous7/26/2014

    Where is this home built? I'm asking because I'd like to know how you worked the humidity factor in while installing. How will this floor work if/when it swells. Sub flooring and pallet wood.

  7. Chana,
    We are located in north central Oklahoma.
    Construction on the house was complete in May 2013. This floor has held up to our expectations and beyond. No shrinking! No expanding! No boards popping up! No squeaks! No dents! No cracks! No breaks! No problems!
    The floor is as beautiful today as the day it was completed. It has withstood everything our boots and German Shepherd dogs have thrown at it.
    We LOVE our floor and would not have changed a single step in our process to create it.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Approximately how many palets did it take and how many sq ft was your project?

    1. Deana,
      We estimate over 100 pallets were used to create our floor. Although not all the wood from those pallets were useable. Many of the planks were bent, twisted or stained.
      My guess would be our living room is between 500 and 700 sq ft.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. HI there, we are going to be laying a pallet floor for our bedroom which compared to your floor is a lot smaller (16sqm - I'm in the UK). We too have a concrete floor and I've seen your post re: subfloor. What type of plywood did you use? Was it treated for moisture resistance? Was it soft or hard plywood?
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi there, The Cornish One! Glad to have you follow our story.
      The subfloor is a standard hardwood plywood subfloor used here in the USA. I do not believe it was a treated product.
      Thanks for stopping by!