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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Things Just Got Ranchey!

We are in the final building stages of our new house.
This allows us to personalize some things that are just US.
After all, this is OUR dream home!
We plan to grow old there.

Yesterday, the cabinet and trim craftsman finished up.
There is a beam running the span of the great room.
This beam is constructed of the same material as our interior doors.
We asked the builder to allow us to distress it, prior to staining.
This is where

Flower Boy measured once, twice and three times.

He pulled out the branding iron.

The heat...

The smoke...

The fire...


Then I distressed the beam by beating it with a hammer, added nail holes and scratches.

Flower Boy got out the propane torch and started scorching the beam.
We followed the grain of the wood,
Keeping the torch moving at all times.

Doing both sides of a 17 foot long 12 inch beam.
This process took all evening and well into the night.
We crawled into bed at 1:20am, this morning!

We LOVE the look!
Can't wait to see what it looks like stained!

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