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Friday, March 15, 2013


Last evening, I was almost home and met Flower Boy headed out to do chores.
"Where are you going?"
He doesn't normally go without me.
Turns out, the plan for the evening was, to teach Drewman, to put brakes on his truck, so chores needed to be done early.
"Park your car at the little pasture and ride with me."

We pull into the heifer pasture.
On the side of a hill, Flower Boy spots one of the girls.
"We are having a baby."
I argue because the other girls are coming from that direction.
"Nope, she just laid down."
I still argue.

Flower Boy drops the cake spout, shoots out some cake and drives to the heifer.
Sure enough, she is in labor!
I get excited!
Then realize, I am not dressed for the event.

Flower Boy parks the truck.
The heifer gets up and walks down the hill, into a valley.
He watches...

We don't like to help the girls calve, unless they are having problems.
It's better for them to calve on their own, claim the baby, clean the baby and make that momma/baby bond naturally.

The heifer lays down in the valley.
We move to another spot to get a better angle and watch.
Binoculars are a must have in a ranchers truck.
She spotted us!
She moves again!
Flower Boy says, "We need to leave her alone.  All the others have calved just fine.  She will be fine too."
(Remember, Flower Boy spoils me....)
We move to a rock ridge and wait.
Finally she settles.

We head back to the original hill, to work our way around to get a better view.
All the girls are on the same hill watching!

They circle around us.
"Hey!  What's going on?"

Flower Boy and I head down the hill towards the pond.
The girls follow.
Cattle have their own social circle.
I told Flower Boy,
"These girls are worse than women!
It's like they have their own Facebook!"
They just wouldn't leave us alone to watch!

Flower Boy and I set on the bank next to the pond.
We listen to the heifer labor.
Soon, Flower Boy say,
"Hear that?"
I look at him.
"It's the calf!"
We stood up!
All the girls saw the heifer in labor and ran to her aide!
The heifer spooks and starts dancing around with the calf still not completely birthed.
I set down, drop my head and say, " I hate this!"
Thinking, I should have listened to Flower Boy and left her alone.
Flower Boy watches and the baby delivers fine.
"It's out!  She is claiming it."
He turns and walks towards the truck.

I snap one more photo, before following.
Our baby is in there some where...
The other girls followed to the truck, too.

Sometimes, it's not a good idea to watch.
Sometimes, you just need to trust and let nature take it's course.

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