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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sometimes Things Get a Little Rocky

These past several weeks, the tile guy has been working.
He first started laying the pavers in the utility and mud room.
Although, we love the look and the herringbone pattern,
it was a struggle to convey what we wanted, to the tile guy.
He wanted to do things his way.
We wanted them done OUR WAY!
He wanted to take shortcuts.
We thought the shortcuts would take away from the look we wanted.

He then moved to the showers.
Forming the shower floors.

After about a week of the tile guy working, we hadn't seen much progress.
Flower Boy discussed things with the builder.
The builder did his best to move the tile guy along.
He agreed, there should have been more work done.

The tile finally started going up in Drewman's shower.

Then a few days later...
We came home to this.
Anyone who knows me knows what I did.
Flower Boy couldn't calm me.
Drewman just walked away.
My girlfriend tried to convince me the problem could be fixed.
Our Big Kids shook their heads.

Some of the tiles were unlevel.
Some of the grout lines were uneven.
Some of the tiles had chips.

Flower Boy and the builder have had several conversations, about the tile guy, over the course of the past few weeks.
Flower Boy and the builder were doing all they could to make things right.
The builder made several trips, to the house, in an attempt to correct the issues.

A side from ripping out all the tile, our solution was to mark the tile and leave notes as to what tiles needed to be removed or repositioned.

Monday evening, we came home to this!
Tiles straight!

No chips!

Perfect floor!

Sometimes things get a little rocky and you have to step back, assess the situation and find a solution.

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