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Friday, June 6, 2014

Follow Friday

Wrapping up the social media and blog world acronyms for the week is #FF.

Follow Friday
This is where you tell your followers who you follow.

I will highlight a few of my favorites.
Although you can see the blogs I follow on the right side of our blog page, I do need to update that list!

 Let's start with a few ranch blogs I follow:
Robyn over at The Ranch Wife Chronicles is a very busy ranch wife!
So is Jennifer over at Farmgirl Follies!
And let's not forget The South Dakota Cowgirl!
I love following these ladies!
They are all amazing and true COWgirls!

Now for a few blogs I follow for inspiration:
If you want true inspiration, you should check out Theresa at A Change Of Pace!
This girl has one heck of a transformation story!
Kristen at Okie Girl Fit has started her journey and is doing quite well!
Adrian at Buckaroogirl is on one heck of a journey too!
These girls inspire me to work on those extra "love" pounds I have acquired over the past 3 years.
Happiness and finding your True Love will do that to ya! 

There are those Hobby Farm and Homestead type blogs.
I continue to attempt to get my Sissy to start a blog like these!
A few that come to mind:
There are so many to follow!

Lastly, I follow a few blogs that are across the pond, so to speak.
It's fun to read about life elsewhere in the world.
Bush Babe of Oz and Down to Earth are a couple I just started following!

If you want to all the blogs you follow to show up in one place, check out Bloglovin!
They have an app, plus they send you an email each day of your blog feed.
It's awesome!

Happy Friday!

Rancher Girl


  1. Thank You so much for the shout out, Rancher Girl! I'm glad you enjoy my blog and following our crazy life.

    I really like the fist quote find you shared.

    There are a lot of awesome blogs out there. It's always fun to find new ladies to connect with.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm enjoying your blog!!