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Monday, June 9, 2014

MCM - Granny Cows

After last week's Moo Cow Monday (MCM), Flower Boy says we have to do post a MCM every Monday.

He doesn't know it yet, but he may have signed himself up to write blog posts.

Today's Moo Cow Monday is Granny Cows!
No, this momma does not have twins.
Only one of these babies belongs to her.
She is a Granny Cow.

Most mommas only allow their baby to nurse.
Granny Cows allow multiple babies to nurse.

This can be good for the babies, but hard on the mommas.
With more than one baby nursing, a Granny Cow will require more protein and supplements to keep up her body condition.

Every rancher would like to have a Granny Cow, in each pasture.
We are fortunate to have just that!

Often times, ranchers will have a milk cow as a Granny Cow.

When a rancher has a momma cow go down, get sick or has a heifer that doesn't accept her baby, he will bring up his Granny Cow.
The Granny will adopt the sick momma's or heifer's baby.
It's a win win for the rancher.
 Otherwise, the rancher will sell the baby or the calf will have to be bottle fed.

No one wants to take a baby away from it's momma.
There are times the momma is to sick to care of her baby or she dies at birth.
These are the times a rancher has to do what he has to do in order to be profitable.
If not, you risk the loss of not only the momma but the baby.

Young heifers are notorious for not accepting their babies.
It is their first time to give birth.
They don't have experience with a nursing calf, so they move away, abandoning their baby. 
 Heifers can also be poor milkers.

Thankfully, we have not had any of this happen.
Flower Boy spends plenty of time with our girls.
He keeps a close eye on them and reacts to any problems they might be having.

The momma in the photo is like me.
She just loves all babies!

Here's to Granny Cows!

Happy MOOday!

Rancher Girl

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