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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Texture Tuesday - Barbed Wire

Today's post is brought to you by none other than...
You guessed it!
A broken wire.

We have talked many times about the constant fence repair and maintenance on the ranch.
This evening will be no different.
Flower Boy will get to use his Texas Fence Fixer and make the repair.

This may sound odd, but I kinda like the texture of barbed wire.

I like driving down the roads and looking at the fences.

I like the way it looks on the roll.

I like the way it looks rolled up on fence posts.

I like the craft items that can be made from it.
 There is an entire Pinterest section dedicated to Barbed Wire!

I have to say, my favorite barbed wire is my barbed wire ball!
It was a Mother's Day gift from my boys, years ago.
This ball has moved with me from the house where the boys were raised, to it's final resting place at the ranch.
It is the best gift my boys could have ever gotten me!

Happy Tuesday!

Rancher Girl

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