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Monday, June 2, 2014

MCM = Moo Cow Monday + Man Crush Monday

In the social media world there are acronyms for every day of the week.
I normally post a Texture Tuesday and a Wordless Wednesday post.
This week, I think I will follow along with each day.

Today, being that it is Monday,
I will combine two social media slang acronyms and give you my MCM!

Moo Cow Monday and Man Crush Monday 

This Guy!
Taken yesterday on the way home from church. Drewman was playing something on his phone that had us all crying in laughter.
 Flower Boy is my Man Crush Monday and every day!
He makes me laugh.
He lets me cry.
He never lets me down.
He is my rock.
He protects me.
He provides for me.
He walks next to me.
He holds my hand.
He shares my hopes and dreams.
He allows me freedom to be me.
He understands me like no other.
He has my back... right, wrong or indifferent.
Not to mention....
He sends me flowers!

Now for Moo Cow Monday!

Yesterday, we weaned two calves.
 A bull calf and a heifer calf.
Both are fall born babies.
 We also worked bulls.
Well, the guys worked the bulls.
Flower Boy doesn't allow me to work the bulls.
It is one of the ways he protects me.
Bulls can be mean and nasty!

The afternoon started with calling the boys up to the pens.
 Penning them.

Drewman getting a trailer backing lesson.
He did a great job of backing that 20 foot gooseneck trailer!

Loading the bulls in the trailer.
And heading to the working pens.

Unload the boys at the working pen.
 Call up the girls.
 Sort to pull off the weaners.
 Drewman runs the sort gate.
 While Flower Boy and Colton sort.
 One baby left to sort out.

Why am I on the back of the truck and not in the pen?
The bulls are on the other side in the holding sweep pen.
It is the scent of a female that will set off a bull, so Flower Boy keeps me on the truck.

The little guy goes into the chute.
 We raised Junior and he isn't so little!
His daddy died a sudden death a few years back.
We don't know why.
He wasn't sick.
The day before he died, he was with his girls and was one happy bull.

I love Junior's features!
 He is going to grow into a great herd bull!
His first babies are the two weaned yesterday.

Next up...
The Big Boy Cletus!
 Cletus is too big to fit through the chute!
 He had to be worked in the alley.
 He barely fit there!
 He thinks he is the master!
 Flower Boy lets him know he is not!

Back your massive self out of the alley!
So you can go see your ladies!

Some would say June 1st is too late to be putting bulls out.
With the house fire, then the house build, the girl's cycles have been out of sync.
We have had babies born all year.
To put the girls back in sync, we waited until they finished calving before the bulls got turned out.

We will have a few stragglers.
That's just the way it is.
For the most part, we should have babies hitting the ground the end of March 2015.
This goes against Flower Boy's wishes.
Sometimes, a rancher has got to do what he has to in order to turn things around.

Bottom line...
We need a 45 to 60 day calving season.
Not a 5 month one!

Happy MCM!
Rancher Girl

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