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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Let's Make A Deal

A few weeks ago, My Sissy, YoYoYoMoo, put a call out on social media.
A Social Media SOS of sorts...

"I'm looking for an old, small windmill for my new room at the High School. Of course, it should be next to worthless and not in working order. If you see one, let me know!"

I know where one is but that is a story for another time.
It might even be an adventure!

Then when A Building We Shall Go! made this post,
YoYoYoMoo wanted to know where Flower Boy was digging.
So much that she sent a text, tweeted us and commented on our facebook post.


What is she looking for?
Why does she have interest in these things?

I reached out to her.
She is looking for all things old, to be used in her classroom.
Nothing that has much value, because there is a possibility it could get stolen.
There have been several Finds for My Sissy since!
Not all have been dug from the depths of the earth.
Some of these finds, I had forgotten I even had them.

Wanna see?

Sure you do!
YoYoYoMoo does too!
She hasn't seen ALL of these finds.

YoYoYoMoo was most excited about this!
 Seriously Excited!
She said it would go perfectly with an old rusty bucket she BOUGHT at a Flea Market.

A Railroad Spike
There is a railroad track next to Flower Boy's project.
Old Coke Bottle
Flower Boy has found two of them.
This bottle was found yesterday.
 Flower Boy said it was about 6 feet down in the area they are digging.

A "one pint" bottle with "Federal Law Forbids Sale or Re-Use of This Bottle" embossed around the top.
Any guesses as to what this bottle is?

Flower Boy is willing to trade My Sissy for all these items, in exchange for some of her and Mr. Moo's amazing smoked pepper flakes.
I will tell you more about that in next weeks "Eat Your Veggies" post.

As for the finds that weren't dug from the depths of the earth...

I have this!
 It is a Coca-Cola from the 1980 Winter Olympics!
 Believe it or not, this Coca-Cola bottle was given to me when I was in the 8th grade!
It still has Cola in it and has never been opened!
It's worth ~$10.
Then there is this!
It is a 7up crate.
It would have held glass litter 7up bottles.
It's value is ~$30.

There are some vintage glass top canning jars setting inside the 7up crate.
I will keep a few of the jars, but I am willing to share a few with My Sissy.
I have a vintage record player that looks something like this and a few old vinyl 45 records.
Wouldn't that be awesome in YoYoYoMoo's classroom?

All my finds were re-found while cleaning out the feed shed.
I still have three more boxes to go through!
Things I had in my room as a kid.

No, I'm not THAT old!
I have always liked vintage finds.

Flower Boy and YoYoYoMoo made a trade deal....

I want some of these violet colored chickens!
Mr. Moo and YoYoYoMoo have found a supplier.

 I think there could be a Sisterly Deal in the works!

I might even throw in this jar I found
 while Princess Sheba and I were on this excursion.
 I may even throw in a few Bed Springs!

What do you think YoYoYoMoo?
Do we have a deal?

Remember, I know the exact spot of that windmill you are looking for...

The things sisters do!

Rancher Girl

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