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Monday, June 30, 2014

Continuing The Legacy!

This story starts back in the Spring of 2012.
It was time to start looking at college opportunities, college majors and career options.
Several college visits were done and several major choices were on the table.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2013.
Applications to said colleges were completed and sent.
Acceptance, by the top two colleges of choice, were delivered.
In January 2014, after a long talk with The Big Kids, the decision, as to which college to attend, was made.

Both colleges were top colleges with awesome opportunities. 
One college offered a very specialized major and degree.
The other offered a much larger range of options with a scholarship attached.
In today's industry and economy, one needs to have options.

Drewman is gonna be a Cowboy!
Yes, The Big Boy was an Oklahoma State Cowboy too.

The boys do their best to be their own person.
They don't like to follow each other or even be compared, one to the other.
They want to be noted as their own individual and not be labeled the Big or Little Brother.

Moving forward to the spring of 2014.
Drewman decides he wants to check out Greek Discovery Day at OSU.
Flower Boy, Drewman and I attend.
This was a very long day.
Parents went one way and students another.
Drewman toured houses, got to know the campus and met new friends.
While Flower Boy and I attended a parents session and hung out.

Shortly after Drewman graduated high school, in May, his phone started ringing with requests to meet with fraternities.

Let the rush process begin!

A few weeks ago, Drewman attended a rush event, from the fraternity he felt was the best fit for him.
Before leaving the event, Drewman received the invitation to sign with said fraternity!
 Again, The Big Boy was an AGR.

Drewman did not choose to be an AGR because of his brother.
Drewman was not accepted into the AGR Fraternity solely because he was a legacy.
Drewman was accepted into the AGR Fraternity because of who HE is, what HE stands for and HIS values.

The Big Boy was very careful to guide and direct, but not push, Drewman to choose because HE was an AGR Alumni.
The Big Boy wanted Drewman to choose a fraternity for HIMself.

Saturday, Drewman dressed in his best and headed out the door.
Signing with the 2014 Pledge Class of the Pi Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho at Oklahoma State University!
Continuing The Legacy!

Drewman is excited to start this new chapter of his life.
He moves into the house on August 13th.
He can't wait to meet his AGR Big Brother, hang with his pledge brothers and go on "Coke Dates"!

Proud AGR Momma!  

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