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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Family Fun Day!

Last weekend we had a Family Fun Day!
We were all three excited about this, because getaways and goof off days rarely happen on the ranch.
There is always work to be done, so we relish times like this.

We decided to go play golf!
Now, those of you that know us personally, know this was a hoot of a time for Flower Boy and myself!
We do not know how to play golf!

We blame our choice decision on the Big Kids!
Sunday, the Big Boy turned 29.
Our Girl posted a photo of them golfing on social media, that morning.

Flower Boy is getting his stretch on!
He also wore his pliers, because one never knows when something might need fixin!

This is going to be a great day!

Drewman gives instruction.
 They are on the green!
More instruction to line up the putt.
 Checking to make sure he is lined up.
Waving the ball into the hole.
 One more short putt.
 There was even a bit of golf cart racing on the back side.

Flower Boy spent some time on the beach too!
 By the second nine holes, Flower Boy had the swing of things.
I love the way those two acted like no one was watching.

 They had so much fun!

 My abs still hurt from laughing so hard.

As for me, I didn't golf.
I was the photographer.
I had no idea there was so much wildlife on a golf course.
I'll show you tomorrow.

Rancher Girl

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