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Thursday, July 24, 2014

How Do They Grow Up So Fast?

How do they go from this,
 to this,
in such a short period of time?

I was asked this question, upon returning from Padre,
"Do you ever feel like you have cheated The Big Boy?"


To which the person responded,
"How does he respond when he sees you and Drewman on social media or reads blog posts?"

The Big Kids lead private lives.
I respect that and choose not to highlight them in blog posts.
As long as Drewman lives under our roof, he doesn't have much choice in the highlights he receives.
For now, it is my right as Momma!
This will soon change.
The Big Boy says Drewman is spoiled.
In the same sentence, he says how driven and accomplished Drewman has become.
He is a very proud and supportive brother, to Drewman.

Life was different when The Big Boy was young, in high school and college.
I experienced single motherhood, twice.
I worked two jobs.
Not to mention, I was just starting my therapy, to become the person I am today.

Let's just say...
We struggled.
By The Grace of God and a bit of help from My Daddy,
We survived!
With the boys being 10 years apart, I think social media has cheated The Big Boy!
He and I did plenty of Momma/Son activities.
He went on trips and experienced things just as his little brother does.
The difference being, I didn't blog then and there wasn't social media to show the world.

We spent weekends, summers, fall and spring breaks at stock shows.
He brought home trophies, ribbons and paychecks.
He worked extremely hard prepping his girls for the show ring.
We joked they spent more time in the spa/salon than I did.

He held a job, kept good grades and stayed involved in school activities.
The Big Boy played competitive baseball and was a starter on the high school football team from his freshman through senior years.
He played through injuries and two shoulder surgeries, never once missing a game or complaining of pain.

He graduated high school with honors.
He also went to college with scholarships.
All the while, working, studying, keeping his grades up and experiencing college life.

The Big Boy never once declined my request for him, to be home, to help with anything around the ranch.
There were times when we had to arrange our ranch work around his college, work or activities.
He was always home to help.

He worked diligently to build his own herd of cattle.
Thus securing he and Our Girl's future, to provide a down payment on their first home.

His faith was strong.
His commitment to our family was unfailing.
His work ethic was beyond measure.
His goals were high and standards even higher.
He had great expectations and achievements.

Still Are!
Still Does!

The Big Boy has grown into an amazing man!
He speaks of priorities and discipline.
He, too, is dedicated, driven and accomplished.
I couldn't have asked for a better role model for Drewman.

Which brings me to the question,
How Do They Grow Up So Fast?

It seems like yesterday, The Big Boy was preparing for college and questioning himself.
Now, ten years later, Drewman is headed off to college and I am questioning myself...
Thanks Son for all you are and all you do!
I apologize if social media has cheated you.
We made amazing memories!

I am so very proud of you!

I Love You,

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