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Friday, November 22, 2013

How Do I Do It?

I have often been asked "How do you do it?"
My response is normally something like 
"It's a lifestyle." 
"I just do!"
"I don't think about it."
"I keep moving forward."

Last week, after my wreck with the deer, my co-workers and I were talking.
I was asked again
"How do you do it?"

This is where Flower Boy would stroke the side of my face and say
"You're so pretty!"
Because my answer, to my co-workers question, responded to what I perceived as our ranching life.
Getting up early.
Going to our day jobs.
Coming home and doing chores.
Fixing supper.
Cleaning house.
Then starting over again the next day.
Long hours.
Cold winters.
Hot summers.
Even sleepless nights when the girls are calving.

After the post "New Beginnings" and you all sending me messages, emails and comments,
I realize, my co-workers question wasn't about ranch life!

You all are so sweet!
I had no idea my blogging was an inspiration to others!
I only started this little blog as a healing, for me, after the "HOUSE FIRE!"
If there is a day I don't blog, I feel like there is something missing.
It has become my therapy.
Who knew it would become yours too?

I have one personal message received, from the "New Beginnings" post, I would like to share:
"I wanted to tell you that I've read most of the blogs that you've posted and I just want to say thanks for sharing. The one today really hit home for me and probably for so many others too that need to hear that there is a reason for moving on and that life can and will get better. It's been a joy to watch your process and I pray that God continues to bless you and your family. Thanks again!"

There were others too!
This one touched me the most.
I cried when I read it.

How Do I Do It?
Dale Evans Rogers sums it up best!

"A Cowgirl is an attitude, really.
A pioneer spirit, 
A special American brand of courage.
The Cowgirl faces life head on,
Lives by her own rights,
And makes no excuses.
Cowgirls take stands.
They speak up.
They defend the things they hold dear." 
It's The Cowgirl Code!

Does that mean a cowgirl doesn't need a helping hand once in awhile?

Does that mean a cowgirl is hard-core and doesn't need girlfriends to talk with?

Does that mean Cowgirls don't face health issues, financial issues, relationship problems, or worse, the loss of someone close to them, including our four legged ones?

Does that mean a Cowgirl doesn't need someone to love them, share life with or buy them flowers?

It just means we pull on our boots, strap on our spurs and ride the ride!

God Knows What He Is Doing!
He has a greater plan for us all!
Me and mine are living proof!
Thank you all for your comments, messages, emails and overwhelming support.
The inspiration goes both ways!

Rancher Girl

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