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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Things You May Not Know

There is a game going viral on social media "Things You May Not Know About Me."
The player is given a number by the person who just posted their list.
Today, I was given the number 8!
Here goes.....
1)  I haven't spoken to my mother in over 18 years. 
Although, I speak to My Daddy daily.
2)  Even though I pray several times per day, I have never owned a Bible of my own.
3)  I am allergic to cats. 
Being next to one, my eyes will water and throat will start to close.
4)  I am seriously afraid of mice. 
I can actually smell them before I see them!
5)  I have undergone therapy to love the person I am, but still struggle with my past.
6)  I have a severe case of OCD. 
Everything has a place and must be in it!
7)  When I am with Flower Boy or Drewman, I don't open doors or order food.
8)  I have a strong desire to continue my higher education. 
There is a good possibility I will be taking classes soon!
My list could go on, but I shall stop at 8.
If you comment or like this post, I will be giving you a number.
Play the game!
It's fun!
Thanks for reading!
Have a nice evening!
Rancher Girl

PS, if you like another persons post they will add to your number...
I have to add 3 more!

9)  I require time alone each day to stay in balance.

10)  I am deathly afraid of heights.

11)  I have a high threshold to pain.

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