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Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day!
Veterans Day has always been a day to recognize current and past Military Members.

My boys have been raised to honor our country, our flag and our veterans.
My Grandpa was a Koren War Veteran.
He was a member of The American Legion. 
My grandma is still a member of the Legion Axillary.
Both my boys have had the privilege of attending The American Legion Boy's State.

Today, I had the honor of attending The Veterans Day Assembly presented at Drewman's school.

Drewman's FFA Vice President shared the FFA Poem.

There were several students who spoke about the Symbols of Democracy.

The Boys State and Girls State Delegates gave The American Legion presentation.
Each Delegate spoke.
Coop ~ Drewman's brother from another mother.

Drewman spoke of the symbols making up The American Legion Emblem.
 These seniors made their school proud!
Not to mention, their parents and the Veterans in attendance.
Great Job, Kids!

These past 3 years, Veterans Day has brought on a whole new meaning to me.
Flower Boy is a Veteran.
Flower Boy and Company
Flower Boy enlisted in the Army just out of high school.
He traveled, to many places around the world, during his 4 year term.
After his term in the Army, Flower Boy enlisted in the Oklahoma National Guard for 11 years.
Of that, almost a year was spent in Kuwait and Iraq during Iraqi Freedom.
Flower Boy ~ bottom row - far right
 The general public perception of Veterans is that of courage, honor, bravery, heroes, dedicated, soldier, noble and self-sacrificing.

A Veteran's family member agrees with the public perception but sees much more.
We see Veterans as humble, selfless, loyal, admirable, protective, disciplined, routined and heartfelt towards his fellow and fallen brother.

I am proud to be a part of My Veteran's life!
I am proud of all he has done to provide our country freedom and liberties!
I am proud to stand with him to honor The United States of America and Her Flag!
Tears come to my eyes when we salute the flag or sing The National Anthem!

Veterans don't talk about their tours of duty, much.
As a matter of fact, Flower Boy rarely speaks of it.
I set very quietly when Flower Boy and a brother talk about their time in Iraq.
Not because I am scared, but because I believe they deserve to be honored for what they have done.

Today and the days to come, when you see a Veteran or Active Military person, stop and tell them you appreciate what they have given you.
They will most likely say thanks and walk away.
They don't like to be called out or be in the spotlight.
To them, they are only doing what they have been called to do.
Although it is their choice to enlist,
I am thankful they do!
 Thank You, Flower Boy and all those who have and are currently serving!

Rancher Girl

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