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Friday, November 1, 2013

Falling for Fall

Fall has never been my favorite season.
It is only the prerequisite of Winter!
The other evening, while driving home from work, I noticed the beautiful color of the trees.
It was one of those wet dreary days.
The type of day that you just want to put on your jammy pants and your Daddy's old welding shirt, grab a book and a woobie, then curl up on the couch!
Instead, I grabbed Flower Boy and the camera, then we headed out the door.
Doesn't this look like one of those old time water color photos?
I have spent many an hour on this hill!
 It is a good feeling, for a Rancher Girl, to see your cattle running in the same pasture as your Daddy and Grand Daddy's did.
 Those colors are a beautiful back drop to our cattle.

That sky over those colors!


Even though the red cedars have become a noxious weed, they are pretty too.
Some are yellow with pollen.
 Others have brilliant blue berries.

The great oaks are splashed with hues of brown and red.
The willow tree across the pond has transformed into this breath taking chartreuse color.
The black walnut trees are a stunning golden glow!
The elms are a mixture of all the above.
I love God's paintbrush!
Don't you?
Falling for Fall!
Rancher Girl  

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  1. I also had some good times on that hill with Jack,David Gottfried, my brother and others trying to climb that sucer with cycles,cars you name it we tried. LOL