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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We Are One!

Today, November 26, 2013, A Building We Shall Go! is one.
We have been blogging for a year!
Do you call it a birthday or an anniversary?
We are just going to say We Are One!

I remember this date, last year, like it was yesterday.
I knew I wanted to blog about the building of our new home, to share with our family and friends, also to have a record of the house build.
At the time, the blog was the only safe place I could think to keep it documented, after losing everything in the house fire.
HOUSE FIRE! was our first blog post.

On this date, a year ago, was also the ground breaking of our new home.
Another reason I remember this date.
Oh the fears of signing that building contract!
But to walk out of that mobile home door, to see the crew laying out our new home, was like looking at your child for the first time after birth.

Funny how the two happened on the same day.


We have been blessed beyond imagination by this little blog.
Not only has it become a place for us to share, it has become therapy.
This is our 172nd blog post.
We have had a total of 29,005 page views.
Of that, 11,538 have been "The Art Of Pallet Wood Flooring" post.
Who would have thought this little blog and floor would have gathered so much attention?
Our floor has been the feature on seven other websites and blogs.
Before It's News
Home Design
(I can't seem to find the link to their blog, but trust me, we were there.)

Our floor has also been pinned on Pinterest a few thousand times.
If you search "pallet wood floor" our floor will pop up in the feed and images.

We have had so much activity it has been a bit overwhelming.
We have received questions and comments aside from those on the blog posts.
Here are a few that make us smile.

"Your article is beyond well written. Well, it IS well written. However, while reading, I was learning, and listening to your humor and just the whole of all you were saying. Bang for the buck in doing it your way and yourself....not to mention the 'Holy Cow!' task of not having boards match-up in clumps and textures/lines/knots/etc. The finished product is gorgeous! I figured that if I liked it that much, others probably would also. Kuddos to you and yours for a creative job Very Well Done......and, for teaching a bunch of us a real good ol' How To."

"I love this, just don't think I can get my husband to do it."

"Your picture is fantastic and because of it I am putting in a wood pallet floor in the kitchen and bathroom of my place next month. Thanks for sharing it. And great job!!"

"LOVE, LOVE this! We are building a home and this is definitely on my wish list! Thanks for posting a picture to begin with."

"I love your floor. You've inspired a lot of floors around the globe I'm sure."

And my favorite...
"Your Blog is inspiring , uplifting proof that a New Beginning is possible!....From ashes can come new life and happiness...Your Blog brings it all together...And it is people like you and your family that make others peoples lives better, stronger, and ready to carry on and fight for a better life!...Thank you for sharing your stories."

There are so many more from folks we don't even know!

We have made an attempt to respond to every comment and question.
Below are a couple of our responses that came from our heart and like the entire blog, they have simply been typed without thought or editing.

"We LOVE our floor! It is one of a kind, that is for sure! I think each floor, done with pallet wood, would make it's own pattern and detail, as all the boards are unique!
We are in our 40's. The floor was a ton of work! We felt old by the time we completed it. BUT it was worth every second!
Had it not been for our teenage son, who collected every pallet, helped tear apart every pallet, prepared every board, and helped lay the entire floor, we couldn't have done it! We are so proud of him and his drive to make this floor happen.
If you read the beginning blog "HOUSE FIRE", you will understand what this floor means to us. It was a huge healing for our family! Not to mention the bonding and glue to put us back together.
The pallet wood floor is a vision I have had for a long time. It is a blessing how that tragedy has allowed us to take the vision and bring it to life!
We are so proud of ourselves and the work we have done to create such a beautiful floor.
Dreams Do Come True!"


"We have to give most of the credit to Drewman as he touched every single board on that floor! We could not have done it without him! He took his mommas vision and brought it to life! I will forever be blessed to walk on that gift for the rest of my life."

As Drewman says "Our house defines us!"
 Our entire house build and this little blog has allowed our family to bond.
We Have Become One!

Thanks for reading,
Flower Boy,
Rancher Girl

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