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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend.
Thanksgiving day was spent at that special aunts house.

Sorry, I didn't take our camera...
You will have to deal with cell phone photos.
We had a great time!
I feel more like a daughter and sister to these family members than I do a niece and cousin.

This is Granny B with Baby Z and Momma Brig.
I LOVE this photo!

Tonya sports hats very well!
I believe this is one of our Great Granny B's hats.
She also makes amazing cakes.
Yes, that is edible!

Friday morning the Big Kids came home.
There was some schooling from the Big Boy to Drewman, but that will be another post.
Let's just say...
The Big Boy put Drewman to work!

Friday evening the Big Kids made us baked ziti.

Saturday was spent preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner on the Ranch!
Flower Boy smoked brisket.
I made cheesy potatoes and creamed corn.
I made the sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving at the special aunts.
We only had to warm them up.
My Sissy brought the dressing.
Our girl did green bean haystacks and PIES!
Pecan and Chocolate
My all time favorite...
Strawberry Rhubarb!

Have I told you, our girl can cook?!?!

 I snapped this photo of "Awe Struck" by the turnover of the Saturday night football game!

 This one was laughing at YouTube Lip Syncing of football players and coaches.
If you haven't watched these videos, I highly suggest you check them out.
They are funny!

That pretty much wraps up our weekend.
Today it was back to the real world!
Next stop...
Christmas Break!

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