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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Drewman's Heart

We have blogged before about Drewman's heart condition...
The type of heart condition in which children collapse to their death!

No worries here...
Drewman was only asking a beautiful girl to prom!
She said YES!
Prom Date Secured!!!

We have always instilled in our kids to do the right thing and help others.
The Big Kids do a lot of volunteer work in their community.
 Since the house fire, Drewman has done more than his share of paying it forward.
It is nice when we receive compliments, from others, telling us what a joy our children are to be around or that their good deeds have been noticed.

In yesterday's post, we mentioned Drewman had picked up two "STARS" for needy children.
Again, doing what he can to help others!
He chose
The gifts purchased

Drewman has a GREAT Heart!

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