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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Could You Help? Be Santa!

Wednesday, I blogged about "A Package FROM Santa!"
Shortly after that post went up, I received a text from RunnerGirl.
"I love your blog post today.  It made me smile and tear up at the same time. It also gave me an idea!"

Yesterday, after "Drewman's Heart" posted, I received another text from RunnerGirl.
She provided me with the details of her idea.

Today, I am linking up with RunnerGirl to help a family in need.
This family is from our home town!

RunnerGirl was made aware of a young, single mother with two children, a 10 year old boy and a 7 year old girl, who is having a difficult time.  The mother works a full time job and has recently taken a second job to help make ends meet.  The children have to go to the part time job and sit in the car, as she cannot afford child care.  She is struggling to keep her bills caught up.  She asked her landlord to postpone the rent payment until after Christmas so she could buy her children gifts and provide a Christmas meal.  He would not do it.  Now, she is facing eviction or no Christmas for her kids.

She has not asked anyone for help.  She is trying to do it on her own and is up against great odds.

According to sources, you would never know she is having problems.  She doesn't advertise her shortcomings.

RunnerGirl and I have chosen to help this family because we can relate.
We have both struggled as single mothers in our lives.
We know how hard it is to ask for help, as we have worked two or more jobs, at a time, to provide for our own children.
Neither of us ever shared our shortcomings with others, for fear of pity or embarrassment to our boys.
Both of us have overcome great obstacles and now, have been blessed with amazing lives.

Although this mother won't ask for help, we are asking, you, our dear readers to help us bless this family.
We are asking for monetary gifts or gift cards.
If those are not an option for you, we are sure this family could use words of encouragement and well wishes.
As always, PRAYER!

Please send cards/gift cards to:
April c/o Cathrine Oakley
708 Maple
Perry, OK  73077

Cathrine is RunnerGirl's sister.
She is a co-worker of April and nominated this family, when we reached out in our search.
Cathrine has agreed to collect the gifts and deliver them to April.

You may also email me at, if you would like to send your gift direct to me.
I will email you back my address.

Will you give up a few morning lattes, for this family?
Would you grab a $10 gift card, while standing in line at the check out, for this family?
While paying for your lunches next week, will you place your change in an envelope marked April's family? 

I am willing to forgo gifts for myself and some for my children, to help provide for April and her children.

Could You Help?
Be Santa!

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