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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Honeydew

Many people have asked "Where did you get your kitchen lighting?"

It is a custom piece designed, for us, by Ben and Abbey over at The Honeydew.
They also designed the pendant light over my kitchen sink.

I remember, after the house fire, when we decided to create The Pallet Wood Floor.
With the open concept of the living room, kitchen and dining room, we wanted the entire space to flow together.
We started a search for lighting that would incorporate the pallet wood.

Looking back on the email communication with Ben and Abbey, they asked all the right questions to get a feel for what we wanted in the space.
They asked the size of the island, the height of the counter, as well as our height.
They needed to know what the space was going to be used for.
Whether it was going to be a setting bar/island or just standing.
They even asked questions about the size of the kitchen sink.

We won't lie and tell you we weren't fearful of having our lighting designed in another state, with us not seeing the final product until it arrived via courier.
We were elated when we opened the box!
Even more so when the electrician installed the fixtures.

The lighting couldn't have been more perfect.
It blended well with the pallet wood floor.
It lit up the kitchen to show the beauty of the carpentry and Fiestaware.
What could be a more fitting, to me, than to have canning jars as lighting?
It just jells, don't you think?

More than a year had gone by without contact with Ben and Abbey,
when we received an email from them.
Abbey has started a blog!

I (Rancher Girl) was so excited and quickly responded back with a request to feature them on A Building We Shall Go.
Flower Boy and I felt it was a way to give back to them for all they have done for us.

Abbey spent some time searching A Building We Shall Go, as I do the same whenever we are asked to be featured by others.
She agreed to allow me to write about her, Ben and The Honeydew.

They, like us, have instagram, facebook and twitter.
Just click on the highlighted links above and follow them.
We did!

Abbey is an agriculture teacher in Georgia, while Ben is a firefighter.
Ben builds all the pieces by hand.
Abbey assembles the wiring.
All the while, chasing after their 2 year old, Luke.

Each fixture, custom or otherwise, takes 2 to 4 days to complete.
Their workshop is in the basement of their home.
All the wiring is done to electrical code.
The wood is oiled, cleaned and sealed.
Then shipped out to the customer.

They are even considering expanding to other projects.

Check them out!
We are so glad we did!
Flower Boy and Rancher Girl

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