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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eat Your Veggies - Fruits and Grains

The entire campaign was designed to remind readers of the importance of a nutritious diet.
A healthy diet includes, not only veggies, but also fruits and grains.
 Over at MOOdy Acres, they are growing both!

It is harvest time here in Oklahoma.
YoYoYoMoo and Mr. Moo are preparing to harvest their oats.

 While most oats grown, for grain, are grown in the northern United States, Oklahoma ranchers grow oats for hay.
We offer our cattle oat hay along with other hay types.

YoYoYoMoo and Mr. Moo don't use their oats for cattle feed.
They consume it themselves!

When the oats are harvested and dried, they will be put through a grinder to make steel cut oats.
This is the type of oats used to make oatmeal or porridge.

Mr. Moo actually has a contact for the steel grinder!
They like to do things "the old fashioned way" over at MOOdy Acres!

YoYoYoMoo reports she and Mr. Moo eat porridge often.
She partially cooks about 4 cups of steel cut oats for about 10 minutes.
She adds their fruit of choice.
Vine Ripened Blueberries!
 Vine Ripened Blackberries!
 If those aren't in season,
YoYoYoMoo might add Banana, Granny Smith Apple, Cranberries or Peaches.

She covers the porridge, allowing it to set for another 20 minutes on the warm stove top.

YoYoYoMoo states she doesn't add sugar.
I am afraid I might have to add a dollop of honey, to my bowl full of oats.
I mean after all,
MOOdy Acres does have bees!
Share the goodness!

Don't forget to #eatyourveggies!

Rancher Girl

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