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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trimming A Few Trees

We had to take down a few trees and trim up several.
 We needed to make room for hay.

Flower Boy cut down two trees.
This allowed us to add 4 more rows of hay, in this area.
 I loaded the limbs
 and took them to the burn pit.
 Most rancher have burn pits on their property.
It is a place you take all your downed limbs, old wood and cedar trees you have removed.
We never put trash or refuse in our burn pit.

When there is a heavy wet snow, this winter we will light the pit on fire, after we call the fire department and let them know we will be burning.

Now, we are not advocates of clearing hill sides or downing trees for firewood.
We have shared with you before about the amount of fallen trees and branches and the constant cleanup required that keeps us supplied with winter firewood.

One of the two trees Flower Boy cut down was hollow and the other was an elm contaminated with a nasty elm beetle.
 These trees needed to be removed.
We have lost several other elm trees to that nasty pest too.

Flower Boy cut the wood into fireplace long lengths.
We loaded it into the trailer, then stacked it with the other firewood.

Onyx and Ailey just chilled in the shade and watched us work.
Lucky Dogs!
 By evening the trees had all been trimmed up, allowing us to back the trucks in to stack hay.
I definitely got my workout in for the day!

Rancher Girl

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