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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Flower Boy and I have been picking sand plums.
Sand plums grow on small shrub type bushes.
 The bushes don't grow much taller than 5 feet, in our area. 
 This year the sand plums are prevalent, on the bushes.
So much that we are fighting the cattle for them.
The cattle have gotten to several sand plum groves before we did.
 Sand plums aren't very big.
They make some awesome jelly!
 We've got about 5 gallons in the freezer.
Anyone care to guess what that means?

Rancher Girl


  1. We have wild plums grow around here. The Hubby is a big fan of plum jelly and syrup.

    Wild plum thickets grew in the Nebraska ditches where I grew up too. Dad considered them a noxious weed and we cut them down. I had no idea they could be eaten until after J and I were married.

    1. Robyn,
      I have picked these plum groves since I was a little girl. Each year we make jelly from them.
      I am going to have to research the syrup. This sounds like something my guys will love as much as they do the jelly!