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Friday, November 8, 2013

5,000 Plus

Yesterday's blog post got me to thinking...
With the help of a good friend...

I don't want to delete any photos!

Today, I took a long look at the amount of photos I have taken since the HOUSE FIRE!
I have 5,000 plus pictures!
All are on my phone, my computer and one single SD Card!

I don't want to delete a single one!
It's a hard thing after you have lost everything.

I have photos of nothing but dirt.
I have photos of hearts sent to me by My Daddy!

I have photos of things that make you say "What the heck did he use these for?"

I have loads of photos of the cattle!
AND even more photos of the house being built!
I have photos of the dogs!
The chickens!
The horse!

I have photos of Drewman!

I have photos of Flower Boy!

I have photos of the sunrise!
And sunset!

I have photos of projects completed.
And those yet to be completed!

I have photos of wildlife.
And photos of fungus.

I have photos of clouds.

I have photos of the moon.

I even have photos of our hometown cafe sign!

So here is my question...
Where do I store all these photos?
Anyone have an answer?

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